Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Vegas: One More False Flag Attack

Yesterday at 10:00 pm in Las Vegas right in front of the Mandalay Bay Casino another supposed mass-shooting occurred at the Route-91 Harvest Festival involving a crowd of 22,000 people.

A shooter began emptying his fully automatic rifle from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel Casino onto the crowd below for 10-15 minutes, leaving 58 dead and 515 wounded...supposedly.

I say supposedly because this CIA-run government and  CIA-run media have gotten into the habit of simply LYING and MAKING UP events and images which are expected to be taken seriously enough to actually inspire laws to alter American society - especially when it comes to gun control.

Like many people, I was alarmed and outraged at the first news of the massacre.

But with patient viewing and re-viewing of the actual footage of the event, my common sense started coming back.

These people, I thought, have a penchant for ‘creating’ false massacre events, covering up the reality of the event ever having actually happened, persecuting and censoring investigators who seek to find the facts on the event, and then having the media repeat the exact same accounts while using false witnesses to back up the event.

These ‘witnesses’ and ‘victims’ have already been caught being crisis actors LYING about their experience and the supposed victims have been repeatedly been seen to be alive and unscathed, making the event a drill presented as an actual event.

This is what happened at the Sandy Hook Shooting in 2012, the Boston Bombing of 2013, the San Bernardino Shooting in 2015, the Orlando Nightclub Shooting in 2016...and now the Las Vegas Shooting of 2017.

All outrageously fake drill masked as reality, with plenty of video evidence to PROVE IT.

Below is my article on the San Bernardino Shooting

So I stopped, and thought, in all my immense wisdom:

“if they did it before...and again...and again...why wouldn’t they do it...AGAIN!”

What an eureka moment!

I went back, looked at the footage AGAIN and the results were less than convincing that a massacre producing 58 dead and 500 wounded people ...ever really happened.

To begin with, we must look at the set up - in other words all the props, people and plot backing whatever is said to have happened.

One man...a liberal...who lived well in a retirement community...who owned two planes....was happy living with his girlfriend...was never suspected by his relatives of any craziness...

...somehow got a room in the 32nd floor of the  Mandalay Hotel overlooking the parking lot where the Harvest Music festival was supposed to take place three days later...

...smuggling in 20 combat rifles...with enough ammunition shoot and hit 560 people (you figure in all the misses and you got A LOT of ammunition)...which brings to mind, when are they ever going to count how much ammunition he had and how much of it he shot off? (it must have been cases!).

So the first question is HOW DID He SMUGGLE 20 RIFLES and giant amounts of ammunition into a hotel room overlooking a mass crowd gathering locale?

The kicker was that hotel employees DID repeatedly enter his room before the shooting and failed to notice anything weird at all.

OK, the shooting begins a 10:00 pm on the night of the concert and he supposedly shoots at least 560 people, killing 58 of them.

Count it, that’s at lease 600 rounds of rifle ammunition (at least!) he supposedly smuggled to his 32nd story hotel room (not to mention the 20 rifles).

It was this shooting which led to the resulting less than awe-inspiring footage.

People on the ground and many standing around erect as the shooting starts...and continues.

No screaming, no shouting, no stampeding.

More shooting, more people standing around, why even music starJason Aldean continued to play and sing on stage, oblivious to the shooting, the stampeding crowd
 and (I guess), any radioed instructions or warnings from his crew and his management.

Indeed, an unimpressed, un-alarmed, unbothered Jason Aldean going about his business ON THE BIG CONCERT SCREEN  during the shooting is on of the lease impressing and most phony-looking and hilarious segments of the entire ‘massacre.’

And of course - no footage of ricocheting bullets

...no wounded people

...no  dead people...

...no blood...

...no stampeding...

...no real commotion...

...no screaming or shouting...

...people standing erect...

...people sitting down and  talking...

...ok, a lot of people sitting down (remember the guy was shooting a machine gun)

...people smiling...

...a person exclaiming “they’re not real gun shots!”.

...people only half crouching (seemingly in boredom)...

...an unconcerned Jason Aldean going about his guitar playing (without getting alarmed or shot)...

...which is just about the most unimpressive and phony-looking footage of a ‘massacre’ ever seen on TV.

The pretend-it’s-real drill director must have been tugging at his hair at this point!

He must have pulled out tuffs when no ambulances and no firetrucks (zero!) showed up to transport the supposed 50 dead and 500 wounded to the hospital.

But the phony massacre is nothing compared to the reality of what happened just a few hours after the event.

Withing minutes of the event and on live TV, the news anchors were already reading their teleprompter scripts describing it as “the biggest massacre in modern US history”

How did they know exactly how many were dead, how many were wounded...and and that this was the largest massacre in US history (outside the Indian genocide, of course)...just minutes after the massacre?

The scene that that same morning in that same location was even more incredible.

The area was officially a crime scene.

The weird thing is the morning after that terrible night...

....the scene of the crime was NOT sealed off...

...was NOT crime-taped...

...was NOT put off limits...

...leaving the parking perfectly clean and orderly...

...just as if nothing had happened in the first place...

...no bloodstains from those 500 shot people and those 50 shot-dead people polluted even one square foot of the scene of the massacre...

...which is strange...because I got a big stain in the asphalt just emptying my water heater last night.

Making this one of the cleanest massacres in US history.

But the ‘witnesses’ were all right there on TV.

People who looked to the side as they talked, as if trying to remember some script.

People who actually smiled and laughed as they told of the horrors of the massacre. Why one witness was so smiley and upbeat he even got the interviewer to smile!

Then ‘pictures’ of the traumatic even began leaking out, including...

...sheriffs deputies busting into the hotel with full riot gear...

...with one of them SMILING.

...while the brother of the supposed gunman smiled and even laughed as he described his brother and how clueless he himself was about what happened.

...while another witness laughed as he described himself hiding under a bus with his son sheltering (supposedly) for dear life while bullets struck the ground around them.

But alas, if you look at the footage  you can’t really see any bullets hitting any ground anywhere.

Meanwhile here in Phoenix, reporters were waiting at the airport waiting to interview Phoenician massacre eyewitnesses right as they debarked from their flights.

Question: how did these reporters know these people coming in from Vegas had anything to do with the massacre?

Who told them, the massacre victims themselves? Relatives? Google?

Anyhow, the ‘witnesses’ just back from their trip had equally harrowing stories to tell.

Witnesses, witnesses everywhere.

We are supposed to overlook the way they keep staring off to the side as they try to remember their scripts, break out into weird smiles and laughter and lack any real human emotion considering the ‘event’ they had been through.

The secret establishment always has plenty of witnesses - bad unconvincing ones.

So I am sorry to let down all the bleeding hearts and condolence givers over this matter.

But the truth is they served us another false flag scripted event...which did not only NOT make logical sense, but was badly put together, badly acted and badly simulated.

The peak of the comedy was the image of country singer Jason Aldean standing there like a clueless dummie and continue to sing despite all the gun fire and panicking crowds.

So yeah, they have given us one more scripted false flag drill, masquerading as the real thing.

Once more, because the establishment media will once again march in lockstep with each other to say (not prove) that this mess ever happened. 

Naysayers will simply be ignored.

And we can add a little bit of fault to a world of people (both here and abroad) who believe everything they hear (though never see) - as long as the mouth saying it belongs to an establishment spokes person.

One can only hope that they don’t  try to use this badly produced and illogical piece of clatter trap to actually attempt to pass a law to take away our guns.

But it IS tiring to see that the road to gun confiscation keeps basing itself on badly produced cheap drills depicted as reality.

Reality has become one cheap simulation drill after another.

But it is the gun confiscation part which  is important...

...because the government, UN communist occupation troops, Muslims or whatever...

...won’t be able to mass murder the US population..

...until we turn in our guns.


  1. There are photos and videos with blood and commotion. To say this did not occur is completely ridiculous. Unless these thousands of people are "in on the hoax."

    1. I am sorry, but with all due respect, my viewing of your footage simply CONFIRMED to me even more that it is a drill. Notice the lack of EMT or police lights, the quietness of the setting,the lack of groaning or screaming of the victims, the desolation of it all.

  2. One more thing I would like to add is the lack of any bullet damage (bullet holes, craters, etc) along the entire scene. There were A LOT of bullets being shot, most of them were misses, where is the damage from all these bullets?

  3. Alex Jones has unexpectedly come up on the air and confirmed on air that the massacre scene is real after very little (if any) analysis of the same. Alex's testimony was based on a 'feeling' he had after seeing the victims supposedly fade away on scene. Meanwhile Steve Pieczenik has come up on the air and said it was fake.

  4. Very sad and delusional. I agree that our government has taken part in many, many conspiracies and murdered its own people. But this is not one of those cases.

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