Friday, March 23, 2018

CIA Betrays Its Own Spy Network In China

Right on time, America’s most treacherous agency chooses the crucial moment to carry out a self-inflicted purge of all US intelligence assets in China.

The CIA has again chosen this crucial time of escalating incidents with China and possible approaching war to get rid of all its agents in China, most of them Chinese.

And you can bet it was very difficult to have gotten those assets in the first place, given China’s prison-like security culture.

But no sweat to the CIA, which proceeded to demolish its entire spy network in China (just like they did to the CIA Russian network in the 1990‘s) by BETRAYING all its agents to the Communist Chinese authorities (just like it had betrayed all its Russian agents) with pretty much the same result for them - torture and death!

Like in the Russian case, the same method was used, a known Communist spy was used to drop all the information onto his lap by the CIA, and who proceeded to turn it in to the Communist government of China.

In this case dropping point was an ex-CIA officer Jerry Chung Ching Lee, who had already been investigated by the FBI...and was suspected of being a Chinese Communist spy.

The CIA was not only unhelpful with the FBI investigation, but proceeded to create “friction” with them for their troubles!

Lee had left the CIA in 2007 and was living in Hong Kong.

The FBI had decided to investigate Lee in 2012, when he was caught trying to recruit CIA assets FOR CHINA and  when the CIA was beginning to be attacked and its assets taken out one by one.

In other words, legitimate patriotic agents within the FBI had started doing investigations the CIA should have been doing for themselves!

In 2012, during a visit to the United States, the FBI searched Lee’s apartment and found notebooks containing data on meetings between CIA informants an agents and including their actual phone numbers and addresses.

Notice that Lee actually lived in Hong Kong, so the information in the notebook was acquired in the US (which he was visiting) and was about to go back to Communist China with him!

The FBI dutifully informed the CIA.

The CIA did NOTHING, acting as if business was proceeding as usual.

Not at all alarming to the CIA was that Lee was an EX-CIA OFFICER.

In other words, the FBI had stumbled upon the CIA betrayal of its Chinese assets...and the CIA was ignoring them.

It didn’t take long for CIA assets in China to begin to fall or disappear.

This investigation was happening in 2012.

Jerry Chung Lee was not arrested until March of 2018, after the PURRGE of all CIA assets in China had been completed!

At the beginning the CIA admitted that 12 CIA “assets” had been killed.

Later the number of imprisoned or executed CIA assets climbed to 20.

After that they no longer discussed the matter and the given figures seemed to be understatements.

There was no further comment about Jerry Chung Shing Lee from the FBI following his arrest, nor WHY he was not arrested in 2012 when the FBI caught him red-handed betraying CIA assets!

There was absolutely no comment from the CIA following Lee’s arrest.

Chances are that the CIA told the FBI they were tracking him and  to let him go so they could complete their counter-spy operation.

The truth was the CIA was in the process of SABOTAGING its entire line of operations in China.

And it could not happen at a better date.

We are about to go to WAR with China.

There is no better time to WIPE OUT American spy network on the Chinese mainland.

The CIA was forced to admit later under Congressional prodding that operations in China have been “hobbled”  and later that CIA efforts in China have been “destroyed“ and that the CIA has “given up” trying to rebuild any of them.

So China is readying itself to start the war on a clean slate, with all CIA networks in China ELIMINATED.

Meanwhile, America is totally infiltrated with Chinese spies and is now totally compromised just in time for the war right up to an including sensitive software and hardware.

Advantage China!

Strangely enough, the United States and CIA seem to have a cavalier attitude towards OUR infiltration by Chinese agents.

Any time an entire spy network is ELIMINATED IN ITS ENTIRETY, it is logical to suspect that it has been betrayed by its own spy agency.

This is what happened to German assets during in Europe during WW-II, including Germany’s well established network in America and the Middle East.

One German agent (who happened to be a German Jew who was forced to work for the Germans) found the British waiting for him as he landed by parachute in the Middle East.

Did this have something to do with the head of the Abwehr, Admiral Canaris being a  BRITISH SPY?

And one more thing.

Working for the CIA is dangerous.

It is dangerous because the CIA betrays its spy networks on a regular basis.

This is why the Iron Curtain was so impenetrable, and why the Bamboo Curtain kept China so mysterious.

The CIA not only betrays its own spy networks, but supplies plenty of false information to make up for the nothing it actually acquires.

This is also why the pro-Communist CIA, which failed to predict any major Communist operations during the Cold War and planned the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, is so dangerous during wartime.

Presently, the CIA is living up to standard by prediction that Chinese forces amassing on the North Korean border are there only to contain and intimidate North Korea.

How’s that for a whopper?

If you believe that, then I’ve got some pristine mineral water rights for you in the Florida Everglades!

My advice to Trump is lock up the CIA, banish the CIA to the basement (or some other out of the way place) and disregard any bullshit coming from the CIA during wartime.

And on purpose.

Has anyone been FIRED from the CIA for losing the entire China spy network?

Has anyone lost their jobs?


That’s how you know things are going along the way they are supposed to least at the Communist infiltrated CIA.

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