Monday, January 16, 2017

The Power of Human Will

Within all the subjects that a conspiracy theorist studies, the least studied is human will and the
power it has when held in common with a large group of people.

Oh, sure, the power of 'intention' is widely talked about as is THE will or 'will power,' which refers invariable to one's own individual accomplish one's own wishes.

This focus upon the SELF is a basis of Illuminati and Luciferian indoctrination (and especially amongst their slaves).

You've heard the about the 'watch out for number one'  mantra of the 1070's, as well as all the groupings of mantras involving 'SELF-improvement' 'SELF-worth' 'SELF-esteem' 'SELF-image' 'SELF-empowerment' 'SELF-enrichment' etc.

I think you know where I am going with this.

Emphasis is always on the SELF to deflect any power from the GROUP.

This is the reason the Illuminati spend BILLIONS every month just to keep the human mind conditioned ALIENATED, APART and SEPARATE from the rest of the human minds... and above all ALONE.

Why do you think the HERO of any book or film is a always a LONER?

The imgage of James Bond, Dirty Harry and Bronson's Deathwish vigilante all through the new Marvel heroes
that are now in vogue are all loners.

All these characters exist by themselves, and neither need nor desire any collaboration with any other human being.

Humanity has long been indoctrinated to follow such people in real life.

The emphasis is on apartness being a source of strength.

If you want to BE with people, inform them or even organize them some way, you are seen as a weakling,
if not a sleazy undesirable.

Yeah, we got Churches (if you want to call them that) but they keep close to the formatted script allowed to them by the government, not discussing KEY issues which for the BASIS of their belief system like not condoning Abortion, rejecting Homosexuality and condemning Communism.

Which is sad, because RELIGION is, was and has always been a source of GIGANTIC GROUP POWER.

It was through the Churches that the American Revolution was launched against England.

People forget that the revolution was spread from the pulpit, whose preachers the King of England called the 'Black Regiments' which galvanized the American people against him.

And Churches COULD and WOULD STILL be having a great effect on American society IF the churches had been
permitted to keep their historical tax exemption.

But in 1954, IRS regulation 501c3 EXPANDED the tax exemption application requirement (which had formerly reserved for things like soup kitches, orphanages and homeless sheleters) to the CHURCHES (which had formerly been given tax exemption automatically).

And as America soon saw, the power to regulate is the power to DESTROY, as many churches began finding out when they started preaching against government policy, the Vietnam War, sponsored abortion (after Roe vs Wade) and (lately) Homosexuality and transexualism.

No religious entity (not even the Pope) seemed to see the TRAP that was the expansion of the 501c3 requirement to the Churches.

And there went the POWER of the Church in American society.

Can you imagine the power of our Churches if they had been permitted to come out OPENLY and condemn things like homosexuality, government dipping into social security funds, police judicial and financial corruption, collaboration with Communism, etc.

Gee, we would have had a totally different country then...instead of one that's about to go down the drain!!!

So there goes my PRIME example of the POWER of group consciousness and the unification of group will, especially whe all the members of the group believe, desire and think willfully in the same thing.

The Church was the last (and most durable) example of the power of the GROUP in society.

And religion was and is POWERFUL.

It was powerful, not only because it united the efforts of its members, but because (and this is the big secret) it united and focused the WILL of its memebers.

To the point that today, in case you haven't noticed, one isn't even allowed to have more than 8 people meet at a house regularly without drawing the attention of the Police who will REQUIRE that you register your home as a meeting place of a REGISTERED organization.

You won't be allowed to gather and unify more will power than THAT.

Why, becase the occult oligarchy which dominates governments KNOW and UNDERSTAND the POWER of human

Quite simply, people of the same belief and conviction who come together to unify their will and combine this will to focus on ONE goal or set of goals have real POWER.

This is why a certified government informer is always in charge of any group which sponsors mass meetings of any sort.

All these government precautions are due to the fact that Human Will has POWER and unifier Human Will has TREMENDOUS POWER.

And I am not talking about mere collaboration and team work of the group - I am talking about actual supernatural power!

I repeat, Human will has SUPERNATURAL power.

Humanity in general does not acknowledge this power save for its use in selfish personal self-improvement (which the system strives to celebrate totally excluding the use of GROUP will).

We all instinctively know of this true.

When we encounter it we call it vibes, karma, voodo, a curse, or being given the 'evil eye' and we know where it all comes from - an opposing and focused human will.

Government knows this too.

Are you aware a verbal CURSE before the police or a court of law is legally considered not only a threat but an ASSAULT?

And don't even try cursing a Judge or the Jury which falseley condemns you, because your sentence will be prolonged and even your stay made more horrible in the prison
cell where you reside.

Why all the legal action if magical curses are meaningless?

Is it because the warlocks in the black robes KNOW it is an actual supernatural assault?

But no, supernatural power is there only for THEIR use, not ours.

Which brings me to all the hullaballoo about Communism and religion.

Every country which falls to Communism suffers an immediate PERSECUTION of all its religious institutions, its religious leaders and its religious population - and this often means persecution unto DEATH.

All tyrannical regimes PERSECUTE religion.

Many Christians say it's because they are Satanic or Anti-God.

This may be true, but an equally valid reason is that regimes are deathly afraid of people gathering, communicating and coming to a consensus AGAINST the regime...because what follows is that the people of the group UNIFY their will power according to what they believe in.

The Trump election upset is a perfect example of what happens when the will of the people is turned
against the regime.

What happened? The American people didn't like all the part-time jobs, their Obamacare tax penalties and the open immigration policies reducing their wages to nothing?

You BET they didn't, and they turned their will AGAINST the government.

Notice how the LEFTIST regime of the Democrats is now fallling apart even as their leaders run around clueless and desperate, like headless chickens.

Yes, the 'will of the people' has power.

This is why dictatorships GO OUT OF THEIR WAY to make sure the fixings of Democracy are present even though they are out and out tyrannies.

Just take North Korea, for instance.

No more of a total tyranny exists in this world.

But the Kim Dynasty of rulers MAKE SURE the people 'vote' every four years and all government officials (including the absolute dictator) openly and constantly claim themselves to be the servant of the people (instead of the other way around).

The Will and awareness of the people IS that powerful and that important.

As long as you can keep the people in an ignorant and indifferent daze, your place is secure, but let the people suddenly wake up and realize they are SLAVES and your regine is DONE.

Tyrannies and dictatorships outside of America can deal with this because they and only they have the GUNS...and they use them!

But any wanna-be tyrant inside America is going to have problems because because The People have guns 
right along with the Police and Army....allowing the sheer WILL of the people to topple wretched regimes like the Obama Administration or wanna be wretched dictatorships like that of Hillary Clinton.

But never forget. It is the POWER of human will of which dictatorships are afraid of.

This is because Human Will itself has power - a power that can topple a government without anyone
even lifting a finger.

Just look how Europe is doing once the European people discovered they were NOT the pampered population
of the European Union and that the European Union had MUCH MORE interest in bringing in and protecting
a radical Muslim population.

Boy, things changed quickly , didn't they?

And did you know that the population of five or more member nations of the European Union want out
NOW...with the number increasing?

Boy, how things go to hell when you have to deal with the will of the people!

This topic - the Will of the People - and the FEAR governments have of it, is the premise which
brings me to the main point of this article.

Falun Gong.

Falun Gong is movement based on meditation, concentration and the projection of the will mixed with Quigong exercises to create upraise humanity.

This 'practice' has caused the Chinese Government to PERSECUTE Falun Gong followers unto DEATH.

Not celebrated at all in our modern media is the fact that the Chinese Government regularly apprehends,tortures and KILLS Falun Gong practitioners.

It is a real holocaust when it comes to the extermination of these people.

What did this peaceful, non-obtrusive movement ever do to provoke the apprehension, torture and death of its members?

Well, Falun Gong projects WILL.

And there are many things about the Chinese Government it does not agree with...and they project their WILL to stop these things.

The Chinese government has come to consider this practice such a THREAT that it has labeled them a MORTAL MENACE.

Just what is it the Chinese Government is so deathly afraid of?

Is it Human Will?

See, unlike us, the globalists government of the world KNOW and FEAR the power of human will.

Again, this is why they hold fake elections even though Democracy does not exist and the people know it does not exist.

This is why in the Western World, home of supposed Democracies, there is a well funded, complex and
widespread PROPAGANDA machine called The Media, which bombards the public with things the establishment
wants the public to believe 24 HOURS A DAY.

Make sure the humans NEVER wake up and NOTICE their condition.

AWARENESS (or more specifically a created lack of it) in humanity is the key to their power.

This is why so few people know the Federal Reserve is a private bank, that vaccines have been proven
to be Unsafe and Ineffective, or that Microwave radiation is life-threatening.

Unfortunately (for us) their program of UNAWARENESS has been successful.

The Human Will has been distracted, disipated and to a large extent neutralized by the high tech propaganda of the establishment to the point that many humans think they are powerless, unimportant and meaningless.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I am always surprised that there is no movement to group WILL the conspiracy establishment into perdition.

Yes, just CURSE the Conspiracy.

Just think, will and believe the Conspiracy to stumble, fail, fall apart and go to pieces.

The nearest thing this world has to GROUP WILL PROJECTION is prayer, but religious dogma labels such a practice supplication to God, not human will.

Meanwhile, no reference to the power of group human will is ever mentioned in any circle, whether it be political,social or religious.

This is a forbidden subject.

But...Oh, look what's on TV! Did you hear the latest about the Kardashians?! What about that new wardrobe malfunction!?

Blah Blah Blah

The power of Group Human Will has made itself CLEAR in the Election fo 2016 and in China's monumental sociopolitical disruptions (a demonstration every week) caused by Falun Gong meditations.

Human Will is powerful and REAL.

Ignore it if you want, laugh if you want...

...and if you are really smart...USE IT.

It's there and it always will be.

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  1. Excellent stuff! and so little comments. You're absolutely right, 'individualism' (yeah another of them -ism's) is rife and emphasised. Thanks for this blog!