Saturday, January 21, 2017

The New Global Internet

You might have noticed a change in your Internet service recently.

In October of 2016, the Internet operating core was transferred from the US-based ICANN (Internet Corporation for Names and Numbers) to...ITU (International Telecommunications Union), in Geneva, Switzerland...a global entity under the CONTROL OF THE UNITED NATIONS.

Yes the Internet is the latest of American giveaways.

We gave up the Panama Canal, we gave up our Industry, we gave up our Influence, we are giving up our Dollar, so why not give up our hold on the Internet as well?

Formerly based in America and subject to liberal US rules and regulations, the Internet is now based in Switzerland and subject to strict EUROPEAN STYLE CENSORSHIP LAWS UNDER THE UNITED NATIONS.

So...welcome to the New World Order, everybody!

Yes, we created the Internet, and were, until recently, in charge of maintaining and sustaining it, while allowing separate countries to tinker with it in regards to internal requirements.

Now, the entire Internet is in the hands of the Europeans and the United Nations and subject to Europe’s and the UN’s brand of CENSORSHIP and CONTROL.

And the United Nations of Europe have made it exceedingly clear that they WILL enforce European-style censorship and regulation across the World Wide Web.

The ‘rules’ in European style censorship include
    1) not making a statement without proof
    2) not criticizing the EU
    3) not making negative statements about Jews (Anti-Semitism)
    4) not criticizing the United Nations
    5) not commenting positively on Hitler or the Nazis
    6) not criticizing Islam (this is a recent one)

For each and everyone of these offenses, Europeans have gone, are going and are residing in jail.

Furthermore, the new Euro-UN Internet managers want to adopt a new Chinese-style Internet, where each user...
...must sign in with Name, Birth Date, ID Number and IP Address before being allowed to use the Net

...will have all activity on the Net tracked and recorded and by the Government and International government.

...will carry an Internet Social Score based on Internet activity which adds or subtracts from the score. If the score diminishes past a certain level, the user can be banned from the Net...banned from working...or even imprisoned.

How does that sound?

Got that Fourth of July feeling yet?

Meanwhile expect the Net to change radically!

In fact, it is changing right now, as the EU-UN masters slowly set their hooks into the World Wide Web.

Have you seen, felt or experienced these beginning changes?

I sure have, and so have all my neighbors and relatives.

For starters, the Internet here has suddenly gotten as slow as European and Chinese Internet.

Anyone who travels abroad knows the Internet is SLOWER in Europe and China.

It is slower because of all the MONITORING by Government as well as a variety of public, private...and international institutions.

European Internet tracking is much more thorough and intrusive and that takes up A LOT of bandwidth...with the result that the European Internet is much slower than in the US.

Well, guess what.

Our Internet just entered the realm of European slowness.

Friends, neighbors and relatives began noticing the new slower Internet after Christmas break.

The new European standards are apparent as the user now has to click on an icon 3 to 5 times in order to connect with another website (and believe me those clicks have been duly tracked and registered).

The pleasant slower pace of the Internet is the result of more checking, more processing, more spying and more registering by the global authorities in Geneva.

There is also INTERFERENCE as to what YouTube videos one is allowed to watch.

My frequent sojourns to the Alex Jones Show on YouTube have recently been TERMINATED.

I am allowed to listen to the show for more or less 20 minutes,then the video starts buffering...permanently...and does not start again.

Any attempt to re-start or re-load the video gives me an ‘end’ screen indicating the video has concluded (which it really hasn’t), and this ‘concluded’ screen is all I am able to get...for the rest of the day. If I try again the next day, I will get another 20 minutes of video, the buffering and a concluded screen. This only happens with Alex Jones!

I guess this is the friendly European manner of telling me the Alex Jones Show is now off limits.

But is doesn’t stop there.

There are more and more links which simply do not work on the new Internet, especially ones dealing with politics. No explanation, no apologies, no justification, the link simply does not work and you get an ‘error’ message from the friendly European Internet managers - and this includes many links to YouTube videos (which simply do not work, period).

A friendly ‘Feedback’ button has suddenly appeared on my blog (not that I ever asked for it) so establishment trolls can nark on the content of my blog and get it flagged, investigated...and suspended.

Do you know this is happening NOW?

They even have armies of cyber-volunteers who go around trolling these sites and leaving negative ‘feedback’ based on ‘hateful’ ‘indecent’ or ‘inappropriate content’ feedback...which finally gets the site investigated and suspended (no judge or jury - simply these paid trolls).

Well, at least the Europeans have a modicum of justice  and procedure happening before they BAN your site.

By the way, do you know every keystroke is now tracked by these pesky Europeans (another reason the new net is so slow).

But it doesn’t end there.

A brand new and frequently appearing set of “This connection cannot be trusted” signs are now appearing when one tries to connect to the less politically appetizing websites, complete with paranoid “warnings” of someone probably trying to re-direct you to false site to download virus, steal your information and other nasty things.

You have to give your special approval to access these sites, but that doesn’t stop the recurring “warnings.”

This accompanies the “a name has not been set for this account, please try again once a name has been established” warning that pops up when I try to access occasional forbidden or socially incorrect sites.

I’m not even sure what this warning means, but my powers of deduction lead me to believe that a confirmed identity will have to be established in the near future for EVERY creator of EVERY site on the Internet.

Oh, yeah, the new Geneva Internet is already evolving.

There are also more nitpickish requirements for “copy right” when one uses any picture off the Internet.

I have had several pictures removed off this site arbitrarily. I counter this  by making sure I change the name of the picture file to make it less traceable.

But let me delve into these new “copyright” laws they have coming.

You won’t be able to post ANY picture on the Internet if you have not created it yourself.

Several business like GettyImages,Shutterstock, Dreamstime, etc, make it a practice to copyright and register ANY non-copyrighted photo on the Internet...just by copyrighting it...making it their property.... and letting you use it ONLY if you pay them a commission.

There lawyer-like rats out there who are copyrighting things that they have not created and which do not belong to them...simply by copyrighting them!

A recent comedic example was the attempt to copyright a radio host’s voice and stating he could no longer be on the radio without paying the rat lawyers commission!

And this thing is getting out of control.

Another hilarious example involved a photographer taking wedding pictures for $300...then refusing to turn over the pictures to the bride and groom until they had paid for the copyright to THEIR OWN pictures (for an extra $1000)!!!

Another recent scheme by the lawyerats involves copyrighting your DNA and not permitting you to use it until you have paid a hefty sum (one more reason to NOT submit to a DNA test).

Why are they doing that? To get paid every time you take or are forced to take a DNA test for the police, for ancestry, for legal purposes, for custom genetic treatments?

Who knows.

But you can bet they have an IN on it and are planning to make money from it.

Quick piece of advice.

When you create something, make sure to give yourself credit and put a copyright symbol © at the end of document. The (present) law says this automatically makes it copyrighted (even though you did not actually register it with the government).

Now why did I just get into all this copyright madness?

Because the new Geneva-based Internet is big on copyright...

...and copyright, which used to be a reasonable legal procedure to protect ideas and creations...has now become a lunatic free-for-all (you can thank your corrupt corporate-financed government and illegal system for this) in which your idea can be flat out STOLEN or CONFISCATED if you do not copyright.

This phenomenon might lead to over-the-net instant copyrighting services, where you just email a picture(s) of your creations to copyright.

Now why did I just get into all this nonsense about Copyrighting? 

Well, copyrighting everything is a great method of TRACKING and FILING everything that you other words, it is sure to become another method of RECORDING everything you do.

And the new European Geneva Internet is obsessed with the new copyrighting law...which comes to you by way of the World Court and the World Trade Organization  (WTO).

What, you didn’t know we had a world government?

The key concept here is that our INTERNET is no longer an instrument of freedom.

It has become a global instrument of spying, tracking , recording, confiscation and control which is based in Geneva Switzerland under the direction of the United Nations and with connections to INTERPOL (which will be in charge of Internet ‘law’ enforcement).

We are not in Kansas anymore.

The fabled 24 hour shut down of the Internet could be the precursor to a totally changed net from a more or less normal and familiar net to a totally new global creature functioning at the behest of the United Nations (once all the re-connections and re-routing have been carried out during those 24 hours).

Please note that the new Iridium-II sky net promises to deliver the Internet directly through the atmosphere, making all cabling and wiring obsolete. The Internet will be readily available from a orbital satellite network provided certain special receivers are utilized by the users.

Will the Net as we know it ‘exist’ after the 24 hours?

Probably not.

For the most part, however, few Americans have even they continue to pursue the latest celebrity fashions, hook ups, upcoming attractions, viral videos and the present size of Kim Kardashian’s butt, that any change at all is happening.

But you should be careful and aware of what is happening.

The Internet is now CENSORED and RESTRICTED by the Europeans and the UN and is not the free playground we are used to having.

Expect ‘active’ enforcement and suppression very soon.

The New UN-run European-based Global Internet is here.


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