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Switzerland: Core of the New World Order

Switzerland has enjoyed a reputation for honest, hardworking, craftmen and bankers who provide quality products like watches, chocolate and banking services.

Particulary famous has been the Swiss Bank Account, which offered the peak of privacy, reliablity and discreetness...until recently, when Switzerland has seen fit to extradite information about their customer's holding to institutions like the FBI, IRS and Interpol.

Notice the last paragraph was all in past tense.

The truth is Switzerland has opened itself up considerably to the New World Order and its banking services have become a lot more transparent to the global government.

I am sure the suspension of account privacy has hit Switzerland hard, but she doesn't seem to care...because Switzerland is now getting the big bucks from the New World Order itself.

For example, its historic privacy as to money transactions now exists only for the big national and international institutions like national governments, the United Nations and the European Union.

Not that these institutions are any less corrupt than private holders (in fact, they are as corrupt as any mafia), but please understand, Switzerland is now working with the New Global Order...and getting tons of money and influence in return.

What has little old Switzerland gotten in exchange?

Well, a lot, but we'll get into that shortly.

For now, lets' take a close look at Switzerland.

To outsiders, Switzerland is an enchanting land of dairy cows, scenic mountains, fine chocolate and Heidi.

To people who have been inside Switzerland, it is quite a different.

For starters, Switzerland is a land buried neck-deep in secret societies and occultism.

Its needless to say the Freemasons are there, but the incredible thing is the are MANY MORE secret societies than at first suspected.

Most of these are medieval guilds.

You might remember these groups from the Middle Ages.

These were the first trade unions (of which Freemansonry was one).

Guilds are always a source of fascination to the scholar of medieval history.

But frequently the basis of guildom gets lost in the translation.

In truth, Guilds were nothing more than mafia-like groups who monopolized a trade and kept it as an exclusive practice of their members.

Any outsider who sought to practice the trade monopolized by the Guild was either threatened, victimized, beat up or murdered...or all four in turn!

Guilds also used their enforced economic power to put pressure on rulers by denying them key services in times of crisis - for example, a king trying to build a castle might not be able to get the stone blocks he needs for its construction.

So far, nothing different from your local AFL-CIO thugs.

In other words, Guilds were part of the Illuminati control mechanism of the Middle Ages.

You see a similar grip on society by the movie guilds in Hollywood today, where one can neither write, nor act, nor film, nor work in the film industry unless one is a member of the movie Guild.

The stone masons became especially powerful by their monopoly (enforced by threats and murder) of being the only group capable designing, building and constructing fortresses and castle.

This was the true origin of their power...until they grew to become the Freemasons of today.

That's right, the Freemasons were a guild.

Switzerland was pretty much a mundane piece of real estate in the Middle Ages which grew rich by controlling mountain trade routes, defeating an Austrian Duke, and hiring out its people as mercenaries.

The defeat of the Austrians created a myth of Swiss invincibility when defending their country...

...the Pope himself designated the Swiss Guard to be his personal bodyguards during the early 1500's.

But Switzerland's martial reputation came to nothing when Napoleon basically just walked in and took it over.

Yet even today, the myth of Swiss invincibility in defense of their country remains, adding that Hitler was 'too afraid' to invade Switzerland during WW-II.

(The truth was that Switzerland had become the financial hub from which the war itself was being run)

Even today, there is the myth that Switzerland is "armed to the teeth" and that no one dares to invade because every man has his helmet, gear, uniform and rifle in his closet, ready to fight the enemy in a minute.

Only partially true.

My uncle was Swiss, and he did keep his helmet, gear and uniform in his closet, but he was not allowed to keep a very important part of any combat kit - the firing pin...which makes the Swiss population about as unarmed as the rest of the Europeans in times of peace and subject to equally strict gun control.

Regardless, it was during the Masonic Jacobin Revolutionary French occupation of Switzerland that Freemasonry EMBEDDED itself inside Switzerland along with the Rothschild agents and prepared Switzerland for its new rise to fame and prestige.

In the 1840's, Swiss banks coordinated the financing of the Revolutions of 1848.

In 1900 Switzerland hosted Vladimir Lenin even as it coordinated the international finance of the Russian Revolution.

In 1914 Switzerland was the financial base from which the First World War was funded.

In 1917 Switzerland sent Lenin on a sealed train to war Russia to launch the Russian Revolution (which deposed and murdered the Czar)...and installed Communism.

In 1920 the League of Nations was established in Geneva, Switzerland as the prototype of the first world government.

In 1930 the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) was established in Basel, Switzerland as the Central Bank of Central Banks - basically the coordinating hub which runs all the central banks in the entire world, which established Switzerland as the de-facto financial center for all wars.

In Wold War II Switzerland was again the financial core from which another world war was financed.

Think governments don't need central banks to run wars?

Well...then why did France and England declare themselves 'insolvent' and 'bankrupt' in the 1930's after becoming UNABLE to pay their war debt from WW-I.

Listen, BOTH World Wars and the Russian Revolution were financed from Switzerland.

The world central bank, which RUNS the central banks of the world (the Bank of International Settlements or BIS) lies in Bern, Switzerland.

In 1954 the Korean War was ended with the signing Geneva Geneva, Switzerland.

Switzerland has a close relationship with the Communists, having financed the Russian Revolution, facilitated trade between the Soviet Union, Communist China and the Free World and acted as conduit for innumerable Communist Revolutions across the world.

Want more proof?

What better indicator is there for this than Switzerland having served as HOST COUNTRY for Vladimir Lenin right up to the Russian Revolution or...

...Switzerland's schooling North Korean Communist dictator Kim Jong Un right through college (no kidding)

But, here, tell Heidi to bring over some more hot chocolate, things are about to get rather interesting!

Switzerland, in addition to its gigantic financial representation, serves not only as the headquarters for powerful Swiss companies, but also for all foreign corporations doing business in  Europe.

The city of Geneva alone headquarters a virtual whose who of world corporate and world order power.

In seeing all the international corporate power in Geneva alone, I can assure you the city of Geneva is a future capital of the New World Order.

Want a list of all native and foreign companies, NGO (non-government organizations) and international organizations headquarted in Geneva?

Here it is:

European Headquarters of branches of Foreign Companies based in Geneva:

Eli Lilly
Hewlett Packard
JP Morgan Chase
Lockheed Martin
Proctor and Gamble
Ralph Lauren
Nielson Company

Eurpean Headquarters of Branches of International Organizations Headquartered at Geneva:

International Airports Council
Care International
Conference of European Churches
European Broadcasting Union
International AIDS Society
Red Cross International
UN Watch
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
United Nations Office at Geneva
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
World Council of Churches (WCC)
World Economic Forum (WEF)
World Health Organization (WHO)
World Heart Federation (WHF)
World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
World Trade Organization (WTO)
World Wide Web Virtual Library

The above list alone confirms Geneva as a global administrative center of the United Nations

The Geneva Convention was signed in Geneva, Switzerland.

And you know what else is in Geneva?


That's right.

The whole freaking WORLD WIDE WEB is based in Geneva!

The entire Internet is now RUN from Geneva, Switzerland.

Or, better said, run since the United States SURRENDERED the Internet to Switzerland in October, run it on behalf of the UNITED NATIONS and the EUROPEAN UNION!

It's a wonder how the Swiss can manage to fit all those administrative headquarters in Switzerland...never mind Geneva alone!

It is in fact known that Switzerland has a widespread underground infrastructure...which Switzerland has demonstrated skill in building... the 35 mile long, 8,000 foot deep Gotthard Rail Tunnel...

...which was started in 1992...

...and completed last year (2016)...

...after 24 years of construction...

...which has led to speculation that something else besides just a 35 mile tunnel has been built there...

...and why did the tunnel have to be...not one thousand...not five thousand...but 8,000 feet underground?

In short, there is A LOT more to Switzerland than meets the eye.

And much of it is underground.

Nobody talks about this, but how else could tiny Switzerland fit all those 'headquarters and offices' in that lilliputian country?

A lot of it is under ground, of course!

Wanna bet it's all bomb-proof as well?

Please note all the quaint little buildings in spite of the fact that Switzerland houses one of the largest corporate and global infrastructure in the entire world!

And, like I said, all that infrastructure is built not only to survive a nuclear war or natural catastrophe...but to continue operating afterwards! - you can witness the SATANIC ceremonies celebrating the completion of the Gotthard Tunnel below:

Gotthard Tunnel Satanic Celebration

Here, here, let's hear it for Switzerland as the Global Corporate Capital of the New World Order!

So, in case you haven't noticed...yet, a large part of this article is not just about Switzerland, but about the city of Geneva, Switzerland...which is shaping up to be a section of realestate powerful enough to rival 'The City' of London.

More on evil Geneva later, but for now, let's talk about Switzerland and the Swiss.

You can bet Switzerland was not granted the gigantic powers of world finance that it has due to high moral standards.

Yes, Switzerland is as evil, degenerate and corrupt as the rest of Europe, but it keeps it all its corruption as well hidden as it does its underground cities.

Needless to say, Switzerland is an EVIL place, but hides this evil behind a facade of seriousness and uncompromising efficiency.

You can FEEL this evil, above all in the population

The people of Switzerland are a population which "does not smile" really have nothing to talk about when it comes to personal matters and behave like a mix between zombies and robots.

In fact, the whole citizenry seem to have been contaminated by the Black Goo or the Blob.

It resembles one of those towns in a science fiction movie that has been taken over by some alien entity which the main protagonists can't quite put their finger on.

Oh, here's Heide again with some Fondu and Rivella, here, why don't you try some!

The going rumor is that the Swiss actually despise each other.

True, part of this is due to the mixed German, Italian and French sectors that make up Switzerland and remain separate from each other to the point of inbreeding.

But the aloof, cold formality is a general trait.

I wouldn't call it exactly aggressive aloofness, but more akin to lack of empathy and warmth hidden behind the ever present screen of small town formality.

Is it really surprising that Switzerland leads the entire world in the number of psychiatrists per capita?

The unsmiling quiet, aloof, humorless behavior can get on one's nerves after a while

And then there is the overpowering greyness to the landscape, as if the buildings and houses are all built of concrete and adding any paint might detract from all the civil seriousness.

Is Switzerland overly corporate?

Is Microsoft a monopoly?

You BET Switzerland is a corporate state.

In fact, they seem to have introduced the latest international corporate culture trend which consists of NEVER being satisfied with performance, and ALWAYS demanding more, albeit in a firm and cordial manner, along with an uncompromising 'no excuses' mentality and the 'imperious' attitude that is supposed to teach employees 'who's the boss'.

It was at my former job that this 'technique' demoralized workers from top to bottom, brought about massive FRAUD and led to the dismissal of the manager.

I thought the manager was just an unhinged bitch, making up for her female status, but later learned she this was actually what they had TAUGHT her in business school.

It was this Swiss-style corporate culture (now used worldwide) which created the Wells Fargo account scandal which led to the firing of 5,000 employees (who had resorted to starting accounts behind their customers backs to fulfill ridiculous quotas demanded by management).

Now older Swiss say that Switzerland has changed.

But there is also an evil there in ol' Switzerland, that fits right in with Swiss tradition, which is, in many cases, as old and evil as our own Bohemian Grove.

The Swiss definitely have a 'dark' tradition, dominated by secret Guilds, secret societies and dark tradition, if not straight out satanism, extending right down to the Middle Ages.

Yes, there is more going on in those Swiss valleys than picnics hot cocoa parties.

(would you believe they like eat roasted cat for Christmas?)

As I discovered, Switzerland is, in fact, a NEST of secret societies

And they all seem to come out into the open during the festival of 'Sechenslauten' in Zurich on the third week of April.

'Sechenslauten' is supposedly a traditional festival celebrating the approach of Spring and the planting season.

Swiss medieval tradition REALLY comes to the fore as the members of the thirty or so Guilds of Zurich come out onto the streets to parade in the most gaudy, colorful and ridiculous regalia anywhere.

These are supposedly are the descendant members of the medieval guilds...which still exist today...and, supposedly, still have power within Swiss society.

There is a lot of preserved tradition here, all the way from the carefully reproduced uniforms to the ranks, medals costumes, etc of the various 'guildsmen', whose parade is celebrated with an army of musicians, dancers, performers, etc.

The whole thing looks like a cross between Baron Munchausen, Monty Python, the Renaissance Fair and the human chess game in 'The Prisoner.'

One would imagine it would be a happy and festive celebratory occasion.

Not true.

Despite of all the people (both participants and observers) the mood seems weirdly somber.

The participants do not smile or laugh (a very Swiss trait) and in spite of all the clown-like costumes, they are very serious (another Swiss trait).

In fact, many people look like they are there because they HAVE to be there.

Not frustration or boredom exactly, but that subtle Swiss trait of aloof indifference and the appearance of just going through the motions with the attitude of attending an expensive funeral they have to go to.

The whole thing is obviously a creature of, by and for the 'Guilds' which have been here since the Middle Ages and to to whom the attendees pay utmost respect.

And in case you don't know, please understand that the Guilds WERE in fact secret societies, with their own passwords, stories, secret handshakes, rituals, etc.

So by definition, Sechenslauten is a homage to the (still existent) Swiss secret societies.

In spite of all the color, costumes and events, there is a dark, brooding atmosphere during this strange (and, as it turns out, satanic) festival.

The 'festivities' wind up at sundown, with great expectation over the concluding and very grotesque event:

'The Burning of the Boog" or 'snowman.'

It is an effigy human sacrifice.

When I first witnessed the Burning, my hair stood on end.

This was an obvious representation of someone being burned alive as a sacrifice to the coming Spring.

And it probably DID take place in the medieval past (and perhaps continues?) in Switzerland.

Most probably never a public ritual, the fiery human sacrifice was (and most likely continues to be) in the realm of the Swiss Guilds (with the victim being perhaps a traitor or rule breaker) which the Swiss Guilds choose to share in effigy with the public.

The set-up for the Burning of the Boog is for all intent and purposes one for burning at the stake of a live human being.

To add more cheer and levity to the event, the sacrificial victim effigy is given the appearance of a snowman (think Frosty the Snowman here).

This supposedly symbolizes the passing of Winter and the approach of Spring.

It also resembles the satanic 'Burning of Dull Care' ritual which was filmed at Bohemian Grove and in which the participants seemed as serious and focused as these Swiss are.

Just think the burning of Joan of Arc, and you get an idea and image of the proceedings.

Actually, being burnt alive has always been a SATANIC offering, which has been practiced by many societies, including the Aztecs, the Celts, the Germans and Europeans who burned aaccused 'witches' right up to the 1600's.

And here begins the humorous part of evil and of the ritual.

Long ago I discovered that Evil has a sense of humor.

It is a terrible sense of humor, and one might even laugh if they were twisted enough.

In fact, disparaging humor is used in the introduction of innocents into all types of horrible satanic activities.
Just look at the ancient Brazen Bull of Phalaris (where victims were roasted alive inside a copper bull and their screams converted into the bellows of a bull through an ingenious an ingenious system of internal tubing

...or the corpse mutilations of the Communists(testicles in the corpse's mouth)...

...the degrading sexual rituals (done in good fun) of Skull and Bones (lying inside a coffin singing while you are pissed upon)...

...or the humorous smuggling methods of the CIA (using bodies of American Vietnam War dead to smuggle in drugs)...

...and lets not forget the 'in fun' sexual, homosexual and trans-sexual orgies of the Freemanson's as well as their prescribed methods of death for the squealer (neck slit, tongue torn out, intestines spilled, heart cut out and fed to dogs)...

Stalin (a confirmed Satanist) enjoyed hearing how the latest high ranking purge victim (often one of his own officials) cried and begged for his life, often through the mocking imitation one of of his sycophants.

...or the Burning Man ritual, celebrated annually in Nevada, where an 80ft statue made out of wicker is burned in homage to the ancient Celtic ritual in which the victim was encased inside an elevated over-sized man-shaped wicker basket before being burnt the entire crowd could see...and hear.

Evil has a very definite sense of humor...that you might call grisly...and a lot of is based on knowledge of things we normally don't do or even know about.

Like burning someone alive, for instance.

(This type of humor was made abundantly clear during the coded chiding back and forth emails over what was done with children)

People are no longer familiar with the effects of burning someone alive, which is not surprising, because we stopped attending such events as entertainment more than 400 years ago, but there are certain things that only a group who has done it, KNOWS.

The human head, for instance.

The head is basically a pressurized melon filled with sealed fluids.

I have had witnesses describe to me the effects of the human head being run over by a bus.

Believe it or not, the thing explodes...rather loudly.

Well...guess what happens to the human head after the victim has been cooking at the stake for a given period of time.

It actually EXPLODES from all those sealed  fluids boiling inside.

This is why the end of the 'burning of the Snowman' ritual is so disturbing... and to the knowing amusing.

The head of the Snowman is filled with explosives, and after a while of 'cooking' at the stake, the head EXPLODES!

This marks the joyous end of the ritual.

One can only imagine the English waiting for Joan of Arc,s Head to explode in giddy anticipation of the culminating POP.

It was in fact, the exciting anticipated event at the conclusion of any burning at the stake.

So it is with the burning of the 'Snowman.'

So the fact of the matter is that the effigy Burning of the Boog is based on the actual physical effects of a real human burning.

Did I mention the fact that the fat of the human body also catches fire and eventually lights up like a candle...he... before the head explodes.

I wonder if they even even went as far as to dressed the victim as a snowman?

But just as shocking is the final act.

Once the Snowman's head has exploded, the ritual expands into an effigy of CANNIBALISM... the participants rush to place choice meats on the remaining embers...and then EAT them.

Get it?

The victim has been put in a costume, roasted alive until his head explodes and then eaten in a final celebratory cannibalistic feast!

What fun and thrilling it must have been to actually see such a thing!

So thrilling in fact that they kept the practice alive in effigy form for more than 500 years!

Oh well, warm melancholia is so very hard to put aside (especially when it is inspired by the seething energies of Satan).

I wish I could end my description of Switzerland and Geneva (and all the other centers of financial and satanic power in Switzerland, but I can't)

I have one more grisly and terrible revelation to put before you.

Geneva, Switzerland is now home to the entire Internet...

but is also happens to be the location of the world's largest Super Collider - 17 miles across, in fact.

A super-collider is a giant circular track around which atomic particles are raced and accelerated around until they reach  close to lightspeed...after which they are made to collide with each other...producing such phenomenon as Fission...Fusion...or anti-matter.

...things are likely to get more exciting once the particles actually reach light speed before colliding (like what the CERN Hadron Collider has done), creating...creating mini Black Holes...or opening the door to other dimensions.

Now think about this for a minute.

At this moment, both the hub of the Internet (the World Wide Web) and the CERN  Hadron Super Collider are located at exact same spot:  Geneva, Switzerland.

Get it?

If you have not read about the bizarre, otherworldly effects of the CERN collider, please do so now.

A mechanism that is actually opening the door to other dimensions...and letting in interdimensional beings (some say they are demons) at the center of the Internet.

I think you know what Wi-Fi is and how it works.

What is about to be channeled?

Can you put two and two together...and see the what might be about to happen?

Switzerland is a creepy, powerful place.

Unfortunately, as much as I would like to leave it...

We are forced to return there again my next entry...

...specifically the city of Geneva, home of the CERN Hadron Super which the entire core of the Internet has now been attached.

Switzerland...the financial center which made two bloody world wars stands to become the center for the unleashing of demonic forces across the globe.

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