Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Great Mouse Trap Has Been Set

The present situation is akin to that of a set of dominoes being set up to topple in a grand
display of sequential collapse.

A variety of factors have been set up, coordinated and activated with scientific precision to cause as much social, economic and psychological damage as possible

The Illuminati have long understood that America could never be conquered from the outside and that the only way
the country can be brought to heel is by having America destroy itself and collapse.

Once the country has collapsed, it can easily be occupied by smallish but well ordered mercenary forces like UN troops or other leftist militia.

So America has been set up for a multi-faceted doozey.

Check it out:

The country has been divided between Left and Right.

Racial war is being instigated.

Police are being assassinated.

Our borders area gone and ANYBODY can walk across and STAY here at a whim.

Our debt has been allowed to rise to unpayable levels.

Elections are hopelessly corrupt and illegitimate.

A candidate has (again) been chosen by electoral, not popular vote.

The electoral college is itself compromised and no longer promises to vote according to party membership.

Several states, with California in the forefront are in the process of SECEDING from the United States.

Our industry and industrial jobs have been exported to China

China has been allowed to hold $2 trillion of US bonds and can collapse the dollar at any time.

Our currency has been debased by over-borrowing and over-printing

Our influence over the Third World is at an all-time low, while China's influence over the same has skyrocketed.

Our country is on the verge of WAR with either Russia, or China...or both.

Positions of power have been taken over by TRAITORS.

We are being set up for the big fall and it ain't gonna
a be pretty.

The Camps are built.

The Cameras are installed.

The Blacklists are ready.

The Microwave brain-shutting network of antennas have been finished.

A fragile' on-time' food economy has been created and the US made dependent on food IMPORTS.

The population has been made dependent on the government.

Foreign troops are present on our soil.

Nukes have disappeared on their illegal transfer from Barksdale AFB to Minot AFB and the location of MANY nukes is not uncertain after their transfer from Incirlik, Turkey to Deveselu, Romania

The UN plans for control of the American population have been finalized.

The Nation Wide US Spy Network probably has 10% of the population working directly or indirectly for the spy agencies.

The mechanism has been steadily built, piece by piece, since the 1950's.

Are we ready to see the Total Collapse Mechanism in action?

Unfortunately, only one in ten Americans have even heard of such a thing

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