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Police Unions: Tool of Destruction

Let's get one thing straight.

The Establishment is neither left nor right.

The Establishment uses left and right to do its bidding - they are both at its service.

Let's get another thing straight.

  The major institutions that the establishment uses to bring about the collapse of societies are the unions.

Unions have been leftist, Marxist, socialist institutions since their inception in the late 1800's.

Unions are the reason the East and now the Midwest are chronically unemployed and struggling to survive.

Employment and benefits are always good for the Union hell with everyone else.

And that is exactly the way it is.

Excuse me for being so radical as to believe in the free market - which includes the labor market - and in the balancing dynamics of wages vs work instead of a POLITICAL institution which uses GOVERNMENT to FORCE employers to hire its members.

Guilds were really big in the Middle Ages...which might have been part of the reason we stayed in the Middle Ages for so long. The Guilds MURDERED any craft man which did not abide by its rules.

Which brings me to the topic of the modern day descendants of the Guilds - the Unions.

Unions have been (and are) an integral part of collapsing whole societies.

They were a factor in Czarist Russia (before it collapsed into Communism).

They were a factor in Weimar Germany (before it collapsed into Nazism).

They were a factor in all the economic lock-downs that preceded the fall of Latin American regimes (whether left or right) like  Trujillo, Batista, Allende, Somoza, etc.

Now you might be asking yourself why dirt-poor banana republics with dollar-a-day jobs have any need of unions, and you would be right.

In fact, their Unions are financed from the outside, and they are very well funded.

Most unions usually are, with funds that are not entirely clear or apparent.

And in truth, the Unions are never there to influence the salaries and working conditions of workers, but to influence the economics and social standing of society.

Now lets return to the subject of Unions - specifically of Unions of Public Servants.

Public servants have no business being part of a union.

They have no business being part of a union because of their very nature as the basis of society. Striking by public servants causes the total collapse of society.

Police, teachers, firemen, government bureaucrats, the military and municipal workers cannot strike because their striking has the possibility of causing THE TOTAL SOCIETAL COLLAPSE.

What a power grab by the unions to be allowed to institute EXACTLY within those societal linchpins.

What next? Soldiers unions? Soldiers have rights too - let 'em elect their commanders!

To put it bluntly, Unions are the establishment's mechanism for manipulating and controlling society and, when the time comes, COLLAPSING THEM.

Unions played a role in causing chaos and shortages when the time comes to collapse a society.

They did an exemplary job in Czarist Russia prior its conquest by Communist gangs.

Cut off the food supply, stood down the police, shut down the transportation system.

The mechanism of Union lock down can also be seen in the chaos leading up to the removal of Salvador Allende - a leftist - lending lie to the notion that Unions are exclusively leftist, they aren't, they are servants of the establishment.

In other words, Unions are used by the Establishment when society needs to be locked down in order to bring down the government.

Which brings me to the subject of POLICE unions.

The Police have no business joining unions.

Police cannot be allowed to strike because a police strike would break down the fabric of society itself.

But they DO have a unions, the most powerful of which is the Masonically-connected 'Fraternal Order of Police' (FOP).

Is it any wonder that Police salaries, benefits, perks and comforts have skyrocketed during the last decade?

Good! you say?

Did you know it is the POLICE UNIONS who are behind the militarization and exponentially increasing murder-by-police rates on the American public?

Think about that next time someone you know gets MURDERED by a bona fide union member.

And that is the point.

As our society approaches the time of its engineered collapse, the Police Unions are acquiring power and influence beyond all legality.

When two NYPD police officers shot an innocent, unarmed man, Akai Gurley, on the stairs to his apartment building, the first thing the murderous cop did was not report the shooting to his precinct or even call for an ambulance...but to contact his UNION (his real chain of command) on what to do next.

Apparently the Union told him to abandon the scene and let the man die...because that is exactly what that officer did!

It's no secret that 'death of target' is the preferred neat solution to all police involved shootings.

That is no surprise.

But what IS surprising is that the NYPD's chain of command seems to no longer go through the local precinct, but directly to the local police union!

Still doubt the power of the Police unions?

Guess who keeps the national statistics on all the Americans shot to death by police.

You would guess the Federal Government, the Department of Justice, the FBI, maybe even Homeland Security.


For a country that maintains statistics on just about everything, including on how much gas is produced by grazing cattle, the United States of America (amazingly) has no data bank on how many Americans are shot to death (or just plain shot) by police.

Nada, zilcho, bupkiss.

You know who keeps the statistics?

Well, the nation's most 'comprehensive' and 'authoritative' records of police induced death is kept by the (take out your tissue) the NATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER'S MEMORIAL FUND - that's right - a POLICE UNION keeps all the records on how many Americans cops kill.

So guess what.

Unions are not only militarizing the police...they are not only arming officers to the teeth...they are not only training the police to KILL first and ask questions later, they are not only protecting the killers...but they are IN CHARGE OF ALL THE STATISTICS on the resulting blood orgy.

Still managing to hold on to that warm and fuzzy feeling about the Police Unions?

It's hard to.

Recently, the Police Union jumped all over Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia because he ordered the police to revert back to actual police uniforms (instead of the beach bum regalia they were wearing).

The uniforms were judged too hot and uncomfortable said the Ming emperors of the Police Unions and BOY did they get angry when Chief Garcia said he was not going to go back on his decision!

An immediate drive was launched by the Police Unions to REMOVE Chief Daniel Garcia.

And the effort has never let up.

Like any Communist front, the Police Unions work on the cheap emotion and propaganda.

So the supposed DEATH KNELL sounded over the head of Chief Garcia when an officer he had dismissed committed suicide.

An immediate SCREAM went out for the head of Chief Garcia, who had heartlessly fired a loyal police officer who then went home crying to commit suicide.


Officer Craig Tiger, the suicide (or suicided) officer was a complete loose cannon - a mental case suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) who was also a drunk, and was having a great time shooting American citizens.

In other words, what Chief Garcia did was get rid of a huge problem, you know, the type of unstable problem that goes around shooting and killing innocent people for no reason.

And you know what?

The Phoenix City Council seemed to be proceeding full speed ahead (in fact still is) in the removal of Chief Garcia just because the POLICE UNION TOLD THEM TO.

Wait a minute.

Who is in charge of hiring and firing police chiefs - the Phoenix City Council or the Police Union?

What is the chain of command here?

Fortunately for himself, Chief Garcia did not remain silent, but confronted his accusers in the Council, the Media and the Police with televised and no nonsense responses on what he did and just WHO Officer Craig Tiger was.

The result - the accusers had to back off.

Chief Garcia even stated that the Police Unions were trying to run the Police Department and that they had no business doing so.

Right on, Chief Garcia!

But try telling that to the slavish City Council who are now trying desperately trying to remove you as if they had gotten a royal command from above (which they have).

Yes, Chief Daniel Garcia has the right to be alarmed and outraged.

He is a hardcore, professional stolid type, but you can see the outrage beneath Chief Garcia's reserved exterior.

He just can't bring himself to believe that the Police Unions are actually running the police departments! 

It's all part of the smoke-filled-room, under-the-table, behind-the-scenes, informal power structure this country is adopting as it is prepared to fall into the hands of the New World Order.

The orders are no longer coming from their respective institutions, but from shady, unelected bodies like the UN, presidential czars, NGOs,  the mafia...and Police Unions.

Yes, Chief Garcia, the mafia-connected Police Unions ARE running the police and YOU are in the way!

Is it any surprise that the Phoenix City Council is still proceeding at full speed with the program to remove chief Garcia from his post with a plethora of 'investigations' salted with a small army of 'reporters' and 'investigators.'

All this...for telling his officers they should wear uniforms and for firing an incompetent and mentally unstable cop.

Police Unions, get a grip.

But they don't have to, it's THEIR reality, we just live in it.

My suspicion is that the Phoenix City Council is not really beholden to the Police Union...but that is in fact working under pressure from the command structure that commands them both.

In other words, the Phoenix City Council just got orders from above to remove Chief Garcia, and those castrated chickens do whatever the bosses from above tell them to do.

So the program to depose (normal honest, dutiful, professional, honest) Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia proceeds...

You see, he has committed an unpardonable sin.

He has stood up to the real police underground power-structure which is developing and will be used to bring down America.

And I am sure there are a hundred Chief Garcias across the country who are neither members of the mafia, or the CIA nor stooges for the local Police Unions.

And the power structure is going after them.


Because the police are the linchpin to any societal collapse.

The police keep order.

They need to stand down when the time comes, they need to NOT be at their posts, they need to be part of the problem instead of the solution (note police use of agent-provocateur anarchists).

And when the time comes, they need to be the United Nations can take over.

If any of the police are stupid enough to go along with this program, then they deserve what is coming to them.

If the police want to see their ultimate destiny under this program all they need to do is look at what happened to the police under the Kerensky Regime in Russia - first they were unionized....then they were disarmed...and finally they were KILLED. Their corpses dragged through the streets of Leningrad before the cheering Communist and Anarchist crowds.

The Police Unions are NOT the friends of the police.

The Police Unions are assuming unwarranted power within the police power structure.

It will be these new empowered unions which will tell the police to stand down and ultimately turn in their weapons and surrender to internationalist UN elements when the time comes.

America, wake up!

Police, wake up!

City Councils, wake up!

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