Sunday, October 19, 2014

As the Plague Grows, Our Cures Are Taken Away

It wasn't enough to develop a deadly plague inside a lab.

It wasn't enough to COPYRIGHT that deadly plague.

It wasn't enough to set it loose on an African country.

It wasn't enough to leave our nation WIDE-OPEN to African plague-carriers.

It wasn't enough for the hospital to turn away one of these plague carriers after he PRESENTED himself as an Ebola carrier from Africa!

It wasn't enough to not follow any protocol in containing this man's spread of the plague by sending in paramedics, sending in police, not sealing off his residence and finally hosing down his residence with a high pressure water hose (spreading it to the four winds)...not to mention giving all the people he was in contact with free reign.

Now two nurses have been officially infected - officially - the truth is probably many, many more and the PLAGUE (not just Ebola, mind you) is probably already headed your way...

...and more coming across our purposefully unattended border every day.

No, it wasn't enough to do all that.

Now the powers that be, to make SURE you DIE, are clamping down on all the elements and procedures that could possibly CURE and PREVENT the plague and freaking SAVE YOU!

Stop believing the establishment's act of playing dumb.

They KNOW what the plague is, how it works...and how to cure it.

They WANT you to DIE.

This is why they are not clamping down on all the elements that could immediately cure you of airborne bacterial and viral pneumonic disease.

The most effective people killers are bacteria and viruses which are transmitted through the air and attack the lungs (which have inhaled them) directly. 

Shut down your ability to breathe and you die a slow and agonizing suffocating death.

You know takes a very special type of ASS HOLE to come up with a plan like that, yet that is the type of people in charge of events now taking place - UNFEELING INHUMAN MONSTERS.

So it makes perfect sense that simultaneously with the release of the plague (or plagues), they would simultaneously want to shut down and eliminate the CURES which would not only prevent the plague from spreading... but CURE it!

Did you hear about the massive shipment of colloidal silver bound for Liberia which was STOPPED AND PREVENTED FROM ENTERING THE COUNTRY?

You'd think a plague-ridden wreck of a banana republic like Liberia would be less choosy in rejecting free shipments of PROVEN antibiotics to its citizens, but there it is.

The AUTHORITIES who rejected the shipment are not, of course, Liberians, but the UN, UN-affiliated and world government organizations which have TAKEN CONTROL of all plague-containment procedure in KILL as many of those people as they can.

The same 'internationalist' process is now being set up for our own country - direction and coordination with internationalist bureaucrats and organizers - organizing to kill as many Americans as possible.

So it has become obvious with the little colloidal silver episode off Liberia that these people are not planning our survival, but our DEATH.

And these ghouls seem to be as afraid of colloidal silver as a vampire is afraid of the Cross.

Does that tell you something?

Of course it does.


Colloidal silver is nothing more than microscopic silver particles suspended in water.

The most effective way of introducing colloidal silver particles into the lungs is by inhaling them through a nebulizer - an electronic misting machine which disintegrates water into mist.

So would it surprise you that in most states you can no longer purchase a nebulizer without a doctors perscription?

They have now made nebulizers ILLEGAL unless you are already afflicted by a lung ailment (like asthma).

The excuse is of course, the druggies are using them to inhale this or that.

Its the same excuse they are using to make a plethora of other helpful medicines UNREACHABLE to the general public.

Believe me, the restrictions on nebulizers have nothing to do with keeping them out of the hands of the druggies...and everything to do with making sure YOU DIE.

You see, inhaled colloidal silver (through a nebulizer) is the number one treatment and prevention for Ebola. 

It won't do to have the general public catch on to the inhalation of colloidal silver as the cure for this new plague they are rolling out.

Won't do at all.

"keep the public dumb...and dead" seems to be their mantra, as they now proceed to not only restrict the sale of nebulizers....but soon, illegalize the sale of colloidal silver itself.

But guess what, you can STILL GET A NEBULIZER without a perscription through the Internet, from Ebay...or from anyone that has one they no longer need.


Also, you can still purchase colloidal silver from your local health food store...but not for long.

Colloidal silver stands to be made ILLEGAL soon, but even if it is not, the restrictions on nebulizers keeps the general population from practicing the single most accessible and effective method of treating Ebola - inhaling atomized colloidal silver.

True, you can still take colloidal silver orally, but this is only a fraction as effective as inhaling it right into your lungs and having the infection WIPED OUT immediately.

(also, the use of this method won't do at with the Illuminati since it also wipes out the cold, the flu, asthma and tuberculosis)

Nope won't do at all.

So that is why the establishment is shutting down the sale on nebulizers...and colloidal silver and...

...oh, did I mention pure oxygen is also a masterful treatment for Ebola and....

..OH!... THAT'S why they have restricted the public's access not only to oxygen cannisters, but to oxygen generators as well - that's right- can't get one unless you already have a mortal non-viral heart or respiratory ailment.

So you see all those supposedly helpful items they are restricting, well, GET those items NOW while the getting is good!

Yes, you have some heavy choices to make my friend...actually some very easy and simple choices:

-Buy a Nebulizer NOW

-Stock up on colloidal silver (10 ppm seems to work homeopathically better than heavier doses, somehow) NOW

-Buy a colloidal silver generator NOW

-Buy and oxygen generator NOW (might find some of these on Ebay or the internet still)

-And for good measure, buy a Water Distiller NOW (before they probably make them illegal due to moonshiners) - you need distilled water to generate colloidal silver.

An inhalation of atomized (made into mist) colloidal silver and oxygen is the death knell of any pulmonary infection (like Ebola).

Doesn't that sound way better that it being the death knell of YOU or your loved ones?

The Internet is still a pretty good place to get the legal and semi-legal (which the above mentioned items have either become or are about to become).

So hang, loose, let your hair down, get impish...take a walk on the wild side...break some laws and regulations... and get all this good stuff.

The lawabiders nowadays are simply abiding their own deaths.


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