Saturday, December 20, 2014

Honest Police Chief Daniel Garcia FIRED!

I am sad to announce the firing of Phoenix Police Chief Daniel V. Garcia.

Not that we didn't see it coming.

The Police Chief was simply too honest, too professional, too pro-law-and-order to remain at the highest pinnacles of the mob presently known as the 'law enforcement community.'

The first thing he did when he came in was shrug off the supposed authority the police unions in DICTATING law enforcement policy to police chiefs.

He saw the Phoenix Police dressing like bums and ordered the PPD to start dressing like real cops.

He took measures in making the Phoenix Police Department more professional and began getting rid of the bad apples while simultaneously reaching out to the community.

But he had already committed the cardinal sin of shrugging off the mafia-run Police Unions, and this made him a marked man by the powers that be.

It did not take long for the Police Unions, City Government and the local media to start a smear campaign against Chief Garcia (a non-CIA, non-drug cartel, non-mafia, non-federal, no nonsense cop).

But that didn't work. Chief Garcia was too clean.

Yet regardless, the FIX was in, and Chief Garcia knew it.

The sound from all the paid-off council members, media and  police union flunkies, scurrying around like cockroaches to find some way of sinking a knife in Chief Garcia's back, made the chief see his head was already on the chopping block.

So knowing this he began to hold press conferences and exposing the unwarranted power of police unions over the police.

Ordered to shut up by the City Council and die quietly, Chief Garcia preferred to go down shouting and protesting.

As has become apparent in local government, it is really the more obscure figures like the City Council Chair and the City Manager who actually run cities - not Mayors.

So it was no surprise that when the time came, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton was nowhere to be seen (or heard) while Jewish City Manager Ed Zuercher proceeded run out and fire the Police Chief.

A full prepared justification for the firing was then given on TV by Jewish ex-Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon.

Well, no surprise there.

The victory once more goes to the Talmudic-Kabbalistic-Luciferian Matrix...but with one small comforting event.

The popularity of Chief Garcia with the local community did not matter one whit.

A sad order of events.

But whatever the case may be...there is a bright side.

Thanks to Police Chief Garcia, all of Arizona now knows and understands that the mafia-like Police Unions are in actual control of America's Police Departments...not their police chiefs.

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