Saturday, December 27, 2014

Chicago is Collapsing

It started with people fleeing Michigan - remember Detroit?

It continued with people fleeing Ohio (check on the economic health of Cleveland and Cincinnati).

Four years ago, I was competing for jobs right here in Arizona with desperate well-educated professionals fleeing Ohio and willing to relocate THAT SAME DAY for a peanut salary.

Well, the Midwest malaise is spreading.

If the current refugee numbers indicate anything, it is the City of Chicago which is now collapsing.

More and more people I run into are from the Chicago Area.

I am sure the oven-hot Summer and Spring Arizona sun does not agree with them, but they are here in larger and larger numbers, because they are fleeing the economic collapse spreading from the East and Midwest.

I have never seen so many Chicagoans in Arizona.

They are everywhere and they are desperate.

As desperate as the fleeing Ohioans were a couple of years ago.

By the way, you want to know who took away all the jobs from the Ohioans and now the Chicagoans?

The unions.

You ask them, and they will TELL YOU.

The Midwest is collapsing - it seems the collapse of Detroit was just the beginning.

Having lived a few years in the Chicago area and I having never seen such booming, rich and limitless suburbs as well as the impressive city itself, I would have never believed anything could bring this place down economically.

But the impossible has happened.

There is no economic system enough socialism, welfare, government interference, the mafia and the unions cannot bring down.

And Chicago is going down.

The city's streets have become unsafe to walk.

There are actual no-go areas where even the police don't venture.

The job market is collapsing.

Ergo the Chicago accent that frequently surfaces on the streets of Arizona as more and more Chicagoans FLEE the city.

That they would come fleeing to low-paying Arizona is testament enough to their desperateness.

Chicago is the next Detroit.

They have been keeping this locally accepted fact a secret from the rest of the country through the controlled media.

But the abundance of refugees fleeing the area (perhaps to your area as well) is testament enough to the Windy City's demise.

Add this to the refugees fleeing collapsing California and other Northeasterners fleeing skyrockerting heating bills and you've got a major American exodus towards the Western half of the country.

The country is economically collapsing in stages and the economic refugees are fleeing to your town (if it is not already economically collapsed).

And what of the Arizona magic that is keeping this state afloat?


Low wages, no unions, no government interference, little welfare.

Not the most ideal of conditions, but it is a concept none of the Midwest and Eastern Metropolises seem to have learned as they begin to LOSE population to more economically viable areas of the country.

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