Sunday, January 11, 2015

The CIA Has Taken Over America

The CIA has taken over the United States of America.

The process is nothing new.

Intelligence agencies are always taking over governments. In fact, that might be the very reason of their creation.

The Russian Okhrana ran the Czarist Government which purposefully bowed down and collapsed before a gang of Communist thugs, and was also running the string of assassinations which which gutted the czarist government.

The Abwehr had taken over the German government by the late 1920's, installed Hitler by the 1930's and was conducting German military policy by the 1940's.

The KGB ran the Soviet Union throughout the Cold War and is running the pseudo post-Soviet government of Russia today (with non other than an ex-head of the KGB as its leader).

Rumanian dictator Ceaucescu's time was suddenly up the day his intelligence service decided it was.

The process of societal control by the so-called intelligence agencies is old hat.

So it should have come as no surprise that when Kennedy was killed, it was the CIA-infiltrated US government that did the cover-up.

Nothing from Hoover, chief of the FBI, nothing from John McCone, head of the CIA, or James Jesus Angleton, his counter-intelligence chief. Nothing from the CIA-run Warren Commission.


The official (yet easily debunked and unbelieved) version continued being that one lone mediocre shooter, using a mediocre rifle, shot Kennedy from an impossible position with impossible shots and with less shots than were heard by EVERYONE there.

Intelligence agencies have been taking over governments since the time of Queen Elizabeth-I. The Queen's secret service was run by the likes of John Dee (the witch spy master whose operating number was 007) or Francis Walsingham (the degenerate chief of infiltration and assassination), and it totally controlled the government of England (and influenced the government of other countries). Just scan through the 1998 movie 'Elizabeth' to get a taste of what these people were really like.

So it comes as no surprise that just 20 years after its creation, our very own CIA began running the US Government.

Note that although many books were written, documenting the CIA was here or the CIA was there, the CIA did this and the CIA did that or this guy is CIA and that guy is book has ever been written simply stating THE CIA IS TAKING OVER!

Its rather incredible that the very basis for the subjugation of America has been COMPLETELY IGNORED.

But how can that be surprising when the publishing industry is itself mostly run by the CIA?


The CIA was created as an intelligence gathering operation on FOREIGN COUNTRIES (i.e any territory OUTSIDE the United States).

The CIA was never authorized to work inside the United States  by its charter.

Any CIA operation inside the US was is and always will be not only ILLEGAL but CRIMINAL.

Yet only a decade after its inception, the CIA was allowed to operated inside America, with nobody batting an eyelid.


If you are familiar with the move 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' then you can get a gist of what happened to America after 1957.

In the body snatcher movie, it becomes next to impossible to predict who the aliens are because they look exactly like we do.

In the same vein, the US has been infiltrated to such an extent by the CIA that we can no longer be sure who our Congressmen are, who our government officials are or who the police is because they (and others) have all been infiltrated by the CIA.

The infiltration reached its peak after Ronald Reagan, when a bona fide CIA agent - George H.W. Bush - became President of the United States.

Folks, if the PRESIDENT is a CIA asset, you can just imagine all the assets beneath that.

The steely CIA grip on the presidency has continued with the appointment of CIA asset Bill Clinton, generational CIA asset George W. Bush and generational CIA asset Brack Hussein Obama as our leaders.

Is it any coincidence that these last three Presidents have been drug-using degenerates?

That is a CIA marker - a lot of the people at the top are degenerates.

Yet NOT ONE BOOK has been written exposing the steady takeover of our country by the CIA and the other intelligence agencies AND IS STILL NOT BEING WRITTEN, nor the fact ever mentioned by even any conspiracy pundits.

Is it any wonder to anyone how our Local, City, County, State and Federal officials act in perfect conjunction when it comes to creating our new burgeoning national security state?


Why do you think that is?

Think the local politicians are just clueless and aggressive fools?

No, they are NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE ASSETS, working either directly or indirectly for the CIA.

THIS is why our politicians and officials are suddenly all acting in conjunction like chiefs of the Gestapo to bring down our Republic and replace it with a National Security State.

THIS is why what the decisions of the American government no longer coincides even remotely with what the American public wants.

THIS is why assassinations are covered up by judges and police departments nationwide.

THIS is why they put fluoride (and a dozen other toxic chemicals) in our water without any health authority so much as raising so much as a whimper.

THIS  is why our police are being turned into storm troops bent on crushing Americans. The academies that train them, the unions that back them and the police leadership that sends them there are ALL CIA RUN.

THIS is why fraudulent electronic voting (which no longer matches the polls) is allowed by our august "city officials."

One would think that with such widespread infiltration, the secret would be out.

Well, it IS.

It has been for the last 50 years!

Everyone KNOWS the CIA killed Kennedy and then covered up the assassination.

Everyone KNOWS the CIA runs drugs into this country.

Everyone KNOWS the CIA carried out mind control torture experiments on unsuspecting and innocent Americans.

Everyone KNOWS George H.W. Bush was CIA.

Everyone KNOWS the CIA carried out and covered up 9/11.

Every American instinctively connects the name CIA with a four-letter word, filth, assassination, blood, betrayal and drugs.

In the nose of every American there arises a particular disconcerting stench every time the acronym 'CIA' is mentioned.

Yet the media and the conspiracy pundits time and time again always neglect to draw attention to the CIA takeover of our country.

No book has ever been written, no news broadcast has even been done, and no conspiracy pundit has ever dedicated a single hour of his radio show to the subject of "CIA TAKES OVER AMERICA."

And in the past, no articles have appeared either, having to to with the subject "Okhrana takes over Russia"  or "Abwehr Takes Over Germany" either.

There seems to be a gigantic taboo in the media world when it comes to the subject of intelligence agencies seeding their assets and controlling a society.

And the natural human instinctive reaction is "if it is not mentioned then it doesn't exist."

The problem is that it is the centralized media that does all the mentioning or not mentioning.

Media control has reached such a level that people can actually convinced the economy is doing swell in the middle of a gigantic recession.

They can also be convinced that actual planes took part in 9/11 (I won't even try to go there, I know when to give up).

I am not exaggerating in saying that if your local television station told people and 'showed' you there was a fleet of extra terrestrial mother ships over their city, they would BELIEVE it, even though by simply going outside they would see no such thing.

The media controls our reality. This is why human perception is so far removed from it.

But back to CIA mass infiltration.

I know at least three locales within my 10 square mile area that either have been or are CIA locations - a building, a bookstore, an un-numbered building and a video conversion business down the street which was even mentioned in Nexus magazine as a CIA cover.

And that's just little ol' nobody me, folks.

I have had way too many friends, relatives, associates etc, come up to me and mention that they have either been recruited into the CIA, have been invited to join the CIA, or are contracting for the CIA most recently by a close relative who is being recruited in college (but refuses to say who the recruiter is).

Hey....working for the CIA is now like working for McDonalds or Walmart.

And it always gets me how royally secretive people are about what's going on. I have always admired the human capacity for secrecy as much as I am dumbfounded by human stupidity.

You have to know things have reached a saturation point when your local University president is CIA, a associate you knew turns out to be a CIA asset who gets his head falsely decapitated on national TV and the person who works across the hallway from you is a CIA contractor (and openly admits it!).

And that's just little 'ol nobody talking here!

I get a lot more testimonies of CIA infiltration on even a greater scale from people who occupy somewhat socially elevated positions.

Yes, the CIA has infiltrated America, but infiltration is not the right term - more descriptively, America seems to be AWASH in CIA.

The CIA runs this has-been country.

That is why local, county, state and federal government is now a pulsating alien entity bent on creating a police state totally foreign to the American public.

The CIA is in charge. They are at the service of the globalists. And they are brining us down.

And nobody is raising so much as a finger to point this out.



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