Tuesday, September 12, 2017

United Nations Will Replace FEMA

One would never think September, 2017 would be the month America began to fall apart.

After all, America is known for its limitless resources, bountiful harvests, a solid economy and a gigantic industrial complex...

...although the latter seems to be more and more of a pipe dream than reality.

You see, the fact is we exported all our manufacturing to Communist China.

We robbed everybody’s retirement account.

As a country we are technically bankrupt.

So yeah, the most important resource we still might have is America’s solid belief in the greatness of America.

More illusion than reality, but a strong one nevertheless, with potential to motivate the American citizen to great deeds...

...provided all the cheap Chinese goods, subsidized housing and government welfare checks are not interrupted.

But nobody even imagined the US would RUN OUT OF MONEY.

Especially in the middle of Hurricane season (which struck a bit late this year...in SEPTEMBER).

But there it is.

FEMA - an agency whose real purpose has always been continuity of government over any rescue of American lives...

...and who proved it during its disastrous symbolic attempt to look helpful during and after Hurricane Andrew, and finally proved itself an unsubstantial cardboard facade during Hurricane Katrina...

...has finally RUN OUT OF MONEY.

Not surprising, considering FEMA’s infrastructure is that of an empty shell, funded to the sky with inflationary dollars and making 100% use of contractors every time there is a disaster.
FEMA showed its true colors when they came across the wretched victims of Hurricane Andrew, pleading for help.

The now famous FEMA call of rescue became well known:


You can imagine how inspirational this call was in time of need...especially when it was being shouted by FEMA personnel carrying machine guns...and offering absolutely no help, food or comfort.

As for the dead, colorful flags were carefully planted by each one, signaling the body-disposal units which followed close where all the dead fools were...for immediate pick up.

Arguable this was FEMA’s most important activity following Andrew - immediate corpse disposal and cover up of just how  many Americans had died.

Do you really think Andrew killed less than 100 people?

Why don’t you ask the people who were actually there?

I remember a conspiracy flare up, complete with bona fide reporters who were suddenly halted the FEMA way - screaming people with machine guns and kept from entering an area where the casualties from a tornado were being stored.

The reporters reported, and soon the internet started running with the idea that there was some sort of plague breaking out (simultaneous with the tornado I suppose).

The truth was the reporter had gotten too close to the CORPSE STORAGE FACILTY where the NUMEROUS corpses of the tornado victims were being stored and hidden.

Anywhere there is a disaster, the corpse disposal people are the first people you will see...not calling out...not looking for survivors...but nosing about looking for corpses and immediately marking them with a small flag flag.

The ghouls who take the corpse out of the way follow closely behind.

At every location there is a large and concealed corpse facility, well guarded by personnel who mean business - shoot to kill business.

Oh the sweet memories...anyway...

The rest of FEMA’s admirable record has consisted of covering up all the American casualties (corpses) produced by hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural catastrophe to keep our country looking like a first world country...instead of, say, Bangladesh.

The image of America where horrible hurricanes hit trailer parks and nobody dies is something that has to be kept alive.

FEMA outdid itself at Katrina, when it shut desperate populations unguarded and unsupervised inside Stadiums to let them die of disease or be killed or gang-raped by roving gangs of criminals.

Way to go Brownie!

So again, it is not surprising to see that FEMA actually (unknown to the American public) ran out of funds right after Hurricane Harvey.

Meaning it has nothing left for Hurricane Irma.

FEMA has presently run out of money!

All of it has been misspent, overspent, stolen or thrown away by the uh...authorities in charge.

The fact of all this was somehow lightened by the tremendous efforts of civilians and churches in Texas (and from various states) who responded immediately with whatever was on hand and saved scores of people (some rescuers losing their lives in the process).

You know, I don’t know what  a heroic population looks like, but I think we are looking at one.

Anyway, barely did Texas start to rebuild than another surprise hurricane emerged from the sea - Irma - and it was headed straight to Miami.

The rumor that FEMA was running out of money was already in the air during Harvey, but with the arrival of Irma, it was semi-official, like in everybody knows it, but government is not talking about it.

The latter was just one more financial whoops that seems to be happening consistency under Trump: CIA runs out of money for operations - Secret Service runs out of money to protect Trump and his family - military runs out of money for training and paying its soldiers - etc, etc, etc.

I don’t believe Trump is responsible for all of this, but he seriously needs to FIRE whoever is really managing the funds of the United States Government.

So now...right at the perfect time...FEMA runs out of money too.

Say, I got an idea: suck all the money out of the refugee program and use it to rebuild America.

Too inhumane and hard-hearted, I thought so...sorry for bringing that up.

I don’t know what those poor stricken Floridians are gonna get, but Florida does not have the reputation for self-helping itself out of emergencies.

Maybe they’ll get the FEMA mercenaries with machine guns?

The main point is FEMA is done broke...

...and that we won’t be able to assemble (and don’t presently have) the infrastructure to put Florida together again.

So what’s going to happen next?

Whatever it is, you can bet it’s all been planned this way.

The United Nations, complete with personnel, equipment and infrastructure will make its appearance.

Its equipment is now being seen nationwide, emerging out of thin air and apparently from out of nowhere.

Its troops can be seen living under cover right amongst us.

US military bases are welcoming entire plane loads of foreign troops

Why do you think this is all about?

Is the UN about to step in and take over FEMA's role?

Well, it might as well...FEMA is bankrupt!

But what I love is the shell game.

The UN (like FEMA) is financed by the United States.

But in these trying times it is FEMA who runs out of money (while our funding to the UN continues fluid and strong).

The only thing is that while the UN is financed by America, it is directed by crypto-Communists (who really take orders from China and Russia).

And you can bet the minute FEMA is admitted to be insolvent, the call for the UN will go out to the four corners of the world.

See that?

Shut down FEMA by letting it dry up for lack of funds....then (masterstroke!) bring in the world-government-directed United Nations (which remains well financed).

Florida could well become the initiation of America’s long-waited UN occupation program....

...and what better place to start it than in a place full of desperate, deprived and starving Americans who won’t do much arguing to begin with?

So there is the whole play laid out right before your eyes.

Chinese, Russian or perhaps even American technology has been used to create all those giant hurricanes out of nothing and aim them at Houston and Miami.

FEMA has been allowed to run out of money.

The United Nations is called to take over the now useless FEMA.


Too bad it’s all a shell game - a CON game...just like the New World Order is bound to be once it fully emerges.

We are being CONNED into passing over our emergency management over to the World Government and the United Nations.

After all, did we not just get done surrendering the entire Internet to the United Nations.

Yes indeed.

The occupatio of the United States is well under way.

This will just be the beginning.

Enjoy Folks!

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