Saturday, September 9, 2017

Attack of the Hurricanes

Attack of the Hurricanes...

...and they totally match up with hostilities mounting against China.

Harvey literally came out of nowhere...

...ending a 12-year absence of category 3+ hurricanes.

That’s more than a DECADE without real hurricanes.

Though, granted, the last ten years were have been creepily tranquil when it comes to hurricanes - as if nature went to sleep.

Harvey started at night as a tropical storm off the coast of southern Mexico.

Then it augmented quite suddenly and rapidly as a surprise hurricane the very next day.

Not much is made of the fact that Harvey came out of nowhere and took everybody by surprise...suddenly.

Texans were out-of-the-blue warned of a gigantic a hurricane approaching that same night of August 24, 2017.

As if adopting to some weird interference Harvey suddenly seemed to fizzle and run out of gas (following its natural course?) briefly stalling...before suddenly increasing with out-of-control intensity all the way to a category 4.

Now as already made clear, false flags are prepared ahead of time, with collaborators at all locations and at all levels.

The mayor of Houston, a Democratic Party Black man called Sylvester Turner was warned from the beginning and from several sectors this was an emergency...but did his part in refusing to even ADVISE the people of Houston to evacuate the city ahead of the monster hurricane, assuring everyone it would miss Houston and everything would be alright.

How is it this mayor thought he knew better than the experienced meteorologists who were warning him of impending disaster?

This collaboration of Blacks in bringing in disaster and the police state upon our country can sometimes be unnerving.

Just look at Barak Obama,  Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and New Orlean’s Chief of Police Ewin P. Compass (“no one will be allowed to be armed”) and the others.

Also, I am astounded at the number of Blacks who are Chief of Police in cities across the country.

Am I a racist?

No, I have noticed this Black clique, who have their basis in black Prince Hall Masonry and global institutions, are totally obedient to the unconstitutional decisions of government and occupy the highest positions of police and government (just google the police chiefs across the nation and see the African America bias).

And these people tend to be always pro-globalist and anti-constitution.

Anyway, as Harvey continued, struck the coast of Texas and caused major flooding, it was like a repeat of Katrina.

The only thing missing was the “gun confiscation” order by the police chief.

Texans were too smart to disarm the population of law abiding citizens in the middle of a possible criminal crime wave.

But again, shades of Katrina when civilian rescuers and the police were SHOT AT as they went about their rescue operations.

The meda says it was gangs and crooks doing the shooting, but Katrina showed private contract security, especially Blackwater (under one of its many aliases) showed a propensity to shoot at people (and the police) wherever they show up in the capacity of a law enforcement arm...because they are agent provocateurs.

If caught they just flash their security contract badges to the dumb fucks who don’t suspect they work for the CIA.

So, nonsensical shooting at police and helicopters - check!

What’s missing?

Oh, the dykes and levees.

During Katrina, the main levee was BLOW APART with explosives.

The Army Corps of Engineers who supposedly maintains dams, dykes and levees, was not only suspected of demolishing the levee that caused the Katrina flooding, but of opening up more levees to keep them from ‘being breaced.’

My question is what is the difference between being breached and opening up the levees themselves?

And during Harvey they were true to form.

All the dykes, levees and dams in the Houston area WERE opened to cause the record flooding (80+ feet of it) which basically destroyed what was left of the Houston business district on the aftermath of Harvey - on 8-29-17 - during a lull in the rainstorm.

Which leads me to the question, what are these guys doing to prevent the troubled Oroville Dam from collapsing in California?

Are they feverishly working there to prevent THAT catastrophe?


Oh...Just as I thought.

They’re not doing a damn thing!

They did a damn good job, though in opening up all the dams and levees in Houston, leaving most of the city a submerged wasteland and destroying the city’s economic future. So open levees - CHECK!

Mysterious shooters, no advance warning or preparation for the hurricane, open levees and dams, leaking and exploding chemical plants. CHECK! CHECK! CHECK!

So we got full treachery and collaboration during these hurricane attacks by people on the INSIDE.

They are saying Houston is already economically destroyed during this catastrophe (and accompanying sabotage,of course).

But why should it end there?

We’ve to ANOTHER hurricane suddenly sprouting up in the Caribbean - Hurrican Irma...

...which came out of nowhere, and quite suddenly...and is now making a beeline for Florida.

Like Harvey, it has also sputtered...before making a surprising comeback as a new Category -6 hurricane (a new category to classify wind speeds never reached before in the Atalntic ocean)

And guess what.

FEMA shot its entire wad of money during Hurricane Harvey...and has no money left to deal with any more hurricanes.

Combine that with the totally corrupt Florida system...and you’ve got the making of a major disaster.

Yes, up comes Hurricane Irma, (guided?) right across the Caribbean islands and smashing them completely, one after another.

A hint at the artificiality of it all might be the brief detour Irma took as to Cuba, only skimming along the northern coast of Cuba and leaving the island more or less intact.

After all, isn’t Cuba a communist friend of Russia and China?

During the weather wars, it doesn’t pay to hurt ones friends!

And it IS a weather war.

First Harvey emerges from the Caribbean like Godzilla, then Irma emerges form the Atlandic and makes a beeline for Florida...and Irma is worse that Harvey - being a record hurricane of never reached Category-6 (a category they just made up to accommodate Irma’s strength).

Did you hear the nuclear power plants in Florida might affected by the rain and wind to FAIL and cause a nuclear catastrophe like Fukushima?

It always pays to prepare the human mind for a PRE-PLANNED false flag operation, so it seems all the more credible when it happens.

So we are left with Harvey having devastated Houston and Irma now rolling up to Miami like well place bowling ball...

...all during a period of escalating tension with North Korea and China.

But we aren’t angels.

Expect a counter-strike of catastrophes against China and North Korea which will include record earthquakes, hurricanes and flooding... can count on fact, we’ve done it before.


... WW-III has only just begun.

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