Thursday, September 28, 2017

Reality Check

Don't like being a pessimist, but, in the throes of our sudden optimism, with 'the world order on the run' while all its plans and schemes collapse and we prepare to 'bring America back' we do need a reality check before continuing with our euphoria.

Remember, Napoleon was euphoric in 1812, the Kaiser was euphoric in 1914 Hitler and the Japanese were euphoric in 1941, and we ourselves were euphoric in Vietnam in 1968 after clobbering the enemy at Hue and Khe Sahn. We again were euphoric in 2001 when we clobbered Afghanistan and later in 2003 when we clobbered Iraq...before those places became bloody QUAGMIRES.

Historically, euphoria and over-confidence comes before the fall

And now we are euphoric because Trump won and is going to 'make America great again!'

But what's missing is a total lack of reality check - an orientation of just where it is we stand in relation to reality.

Before shouting once more that “Trump is going to make America Great again!” let’s just check and see where we are, exactly:

Our country has had the Illuminati control system deeply rooted on its soil, consisting of Freemasonic, CFR, Trilateral and CIA control network.

The Internet is no longer in our hands, but in the hands of the United Nations and the European Union in Switzerland, with UN and EU mandates enforced on its censorship.

An entire Spy Grid consisting of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter as well  as the fusion centers and the local FBI-CIA-DIA liasons have been established across the nation.

Our street corners have been installed with face-recognition cameras and snooping microphones, along with cellphone tracking, face recognition and voice recognition software.

And entire spy network has been installed to SPY on US citizens (not the terrorists) and careful files have been made on every American citizen for the last 15  years.

Behavior modifying microwave networks have been established on our streets.

Smart Meters spy on our homes 24 hours a day and relay that information to the government.

Our government has been Infiltrated by Marxists and other Communist Agents at the top levels of government, who seek the dethronement of our government and the subjugation of the United States.

The US is bankrupt, and at $20 trillion in debt, it will soon be UNABLE to pay the interest on this debt.

Our industry has been deported to China - a country which has a complete monopoly over our manufactured goods.

China has majority ownership of US Bonds and can collapse the dollar at any moment.

Our government is totally infiltrated by owned and paid for Congressmen who serve at the foot of the super rich and the Elite.

The US Dollar is on its way to worthlessness - formerly backed by US industry and military backed only by US influence...what will back it up once US influence is ended and its military shown to be a fraud?

Driven by enemy forces and influences at the top, California is seceding from the Union.

The US Military is in a sad position
        -low numbers
        -scant constabulary forces
        -hardware infiltrated by Chinese marlware
        -forces still vulnerable to EMP or EM attack
China is making its move on the South China Sea - THE gateway to Asia and it doesn’t look like the US is going to or can do a damn thing about it.

Our Government and society is so completely infiltrated by the CIA that the agency is not recruiting publicly in most universities.

The Federal Reserve has acquired complete control of the Economy to the extent that the entire Congress sits in awe of the shamanic proclamations of the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, taking their meaning as destiny.

Trump has appointed (Goldman Sachs an Illuminati bank) to be in control of his cabinet, a Goldman Sachs employee (to be in control of the Treasury Department (which controls the US Marshals which control the Secret Service who guard the president) and CIA-created Blackwater has been chosen by Trump to personally guard his person and his family!

The US is now Commercially directed by the World Trade Organization and its mandates, which count as LAW in the United States.

George Soros is still free, happy, long-lived...continues to plan the collapse of the United States while freely organizing economic sabotage, rioting and well as bring American down.

The new 5G network is going ahead at full speed and unlimited amounts of money to finally install a lethal human-killing microwave network by next year.

So as you can see, the odds are not exactly stacked in our favor.

The Illuminati network which has infiltrated our country for the last 130 years is still in place....the same institutions are still there and in control.

New DEADLY Smart Meters are being installed as I type this!

In fact, Trump has kept MOST of Obama’s unelected appointees to the US Government.

So think twice before pulling your head back and crowing

“America is being made great again!”


We got the police acting like a Gestapo by installing and using Cell Phone  interceptors to record all our calls and using their own antenna towers!

The police fusion centers (which create a centralized Federal-Local intelligence network) are in full swing.

The Infragard snitch program continues to expand like a well oiled machine, converting your local businesses into secret spy networks.

The Clergy Response Teams are still going strong, regularly attending workshops and ready to BETRAY the flock to the government for MONEY!

The‘Refugees’ are still being allowed inside the country, provided with home, cars and welfare...while Americans are kicked out or denied Section-8 housing and going homeless.

Russian and other non-American UN troops are still housed either amongst Americans or military bases waiting to be deployed on our suppression.

Chronic 24 hour suveillance of the American people is ongoing, with Manta, Intellistreets, microphoned street lights and the upcoming 5g telecommunications.

UN vehicles and aircraft are appearing more and more regularly in our communities and our streets.

It is becoming harder and harder to get a gun in most metropolitan cities.

Our use of all communication (phones and computers) remains surveilled, recorded and tracked.

Liberalism is quickly evolving into militant liberalism and Marxist Communism, where people are beat up, forced to swear allegiance to liberal values in public, professionals fired, careers ended...and police shot dead...all in the interest of what amounts to disguised Marxist Socialism.

Trump is sequestered and under house arrest at the hands of a CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) general while under the care of a Goldman-Sachs directed Secret Service and a CIA direct Blackwater bodyguards.

The President just decided Afghanistan was not a quagmire after all, and started re-shipping American troops there.

China and Russia are now THREATENING the United States against taking common-sense steps like building anti-missile missiles in South Korea and Europe and boycotting North Korea

Meanwhile our nuclear arsenal continues to be reduced right on schedule by 1/3 without mutual confirmation of supposedly mutual Russian reductions.

The US continues to stretch out is hand to bloody Communist dictatorships like Vietnam, China, Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

America is infiltrated from top to bottom by CONFIRMED Communist spies.

Conservatives are being persecuted, assaulted and even killed.

Federal District Judges regularly interfere with Presidential decisions and policies and these UNELECTED OFFICIALS are acting as the virtual unelected rules of this country.

Cancer and venereal disease rates are going through the roof.

Yearly bills are introduced to suppress the use of natural supplements and natural cures.

Poisonous Fluoride is increasingly added to your water with no signs of being stopped.

The globalists are in trouble?

Which one of the above programs are in trouble?

The New World Order is on the run?

Where and how fast are they running and in what direction?

America is going through a re-awakening?

At what, the value of transgenderism and gay marriage?

Trump seems more and more a symbol and a bone thrown to the outraged American public to make them believe 'things are a changin’ while a popular Uncle Sam type character populates the White house.

Many conservatives are attaching themselves to the myth that the old Patriotic America is on the rise and letting themselves off their guard, while the New World Order policies continue to be carried out right on schedule...and right under our over-confident noses

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