Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Did Trump Just Betray Our Allies?

Trump has a reputation as a “deal maker.”

He assumes the Presidency, the stock market goes up, American manufacturers start bringing jobs back from overseas, and Japanese automakers promise to increase the percentage of Japanese cars made right here in America.

Big Business seems to love Trump.

And Trump LOVES “deeeealzzzz.”

In fact, that was the title of his best-selling book: “The Art of the Deal.”

During all this deal making, smiling, head nodding and hand shaking, people forget that “the art of the deal” involves one giving up something in order to GET something else in exchange...it involves a form of sacrifice, if you will.

...and it involves compromise...oh does it involve compromise.

Which leads me to sincerely question the latest of Trump block blusters:

Syria and North Korea.

Believe it or not, there has been a lot of “deal making” before, during and after the key events involving those two countries.

Before his election, Turmp was already turning heads about the “bromance” he was having with Vladimir Putin.

Trump couldn’t stop praising the guy, and neither could Putin on Trump.

Trump’s ability to have leaders of the world suddenly fall in love with him is ongoing and amazing.

On the surface, he later seemed to break the bromance with Putin, going back on the keep-out-of-Syria talks and nuclear disarmament treaties with the Russians.

In private, who knows?

One fine morning, out of the blue, he suddenly decided to hit Syria with an aerial cruise missile attack and gives the order after hearing Syria has used nerve gas on its own citizens (the supposed gassing itself looked like a staged false flag)

(never mind that preparing and coordinating such an assault would take weeks...which it probably did)

Now Syria’s government is under the protection of Russia's Vladimir Putin.

But the remarkable Trump luck and charisma held!

Although great tension existed between Russian and American forces entering Syria prior the the attack.... Putin did NOTHING.

Not a peep!

Not even a strategic re-arrangement of Russian forces or an official protest, much less a warning.

Putin did NOTHING, even though Russian prestige and credibility had just been stomped into the ground, along with Russia’s ally, Syria

But all’s well that ends well, right?

Trump had more important things to do than mull over wrecked airfields and burning corpses on the ground (the rumor is that Russians WERE killed during the attack, but the fact was meekly hidden by the suddenly supine Putin).

And a meeting with the President of China was now in the offing!

It was Trump’s first face-to-face meeting with the President of China, Xi Jin Ping,  a hard nosed, hard faced, tough and taciturn ruler who had presented a hardcore antagonism in relation to the US.

Trump and Xin were expected to speak about very sensitive issues, like North Korea, Chinese support against Kim Jong Un and Taiwan.

All this just prior to Trump’s antagonistic and  jingoisitic trumpeting against China, saying that America would take care of North Korea with or without China and that China was ‘raping America” commercially.

You can imagine my surprise when stone-faced Xi Jin Ping came out of the meeting SMILING, which was surprising enough, but the guy was actually  smiling and looking at the sky! He was looking at the heavens and smiling!

Common sense would tell you Xi had not only met the love of his life, but had scored big time...or he had simply scored one hell of a diplomatic victory.

Which leads me to ask the question:

What had Xi Jin Ping and Trump talked about?

And, more precisely, what had Trump OFFERED Li Xin Ping?

Sesame chicken?

Whatever it was, China immediately went over to the side of the United States, not only cutting off all trade with North Korea but also threatening to NUKE them if they didn’t behave.

What the hell did Trump offer China to have them lean over like that?

Here the troubling possible answers start to take form.

But this was no time to celebrate, matters had to be concluded with North Korea itself.

It was time for the Trump charm again!

Before you knew it, matters were being arranged for a possible Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un face-to-face, so they could talk as friends (all this while they were mutually threatening to nuke each other and start WW-III, of course).

The North Koreans seemed amenable to Trump’s invitation to talk (but then they had been trying to esablish multilateral talks for decades).

Another Trump victory! (never mind that meeting with Kim Jong Un disassembles decades of non-recognition of North Korea by South Korea and the rest of the world)

Why not tea and crumpets with Assad right after we blow up Syria? Anything’s possible!

But again, the bothersome question arises, just what is Trump offering all these world leaders to suddenly get them to shut up as American kicks their allies in the groin...or emerge looking at the sky and smiling broadly as Trump tears them a new asshole in his speeches.

What indeed.

To look into that, you have to look at what Trump has already agreed to unofficially behind CLOSED DOORS.

Did you know that Trump agreed with Putin that Russia was entitled to take the Black Sea and half of the Ukraine as Russian territory?

Check it out!

Did you know that Trump has agreed to ACCEPT the One-China policy?

Perhaps the confirmation of this is what triggered Xi Jin Ping’s inability to stop smiling?

Do you know what all of this means?

And the possible meeting Kim Jong Un?

I am sorry, nausea is starting to take over my senses, and will probably begin to take over yours, once you really understand what Trump did.

Trumps recognition of Russia’s right over the Black Sea, the Crimea and half of Ukraine (which he agreed with right after the election) is a defacto acceptace of Russia’s occupation of the Ukraine.

In other words, the Ukraine (a close and trusted US ally) is now being thrown to the wolves (or better said, to the Russians).

As for  Xi Jin Ping’s smiling fit, remember that a main topic of conversation was the One China Policy...and Taiwan.

Brief history lesson: The Taiwanese were the freedom-loving Chinese from mainland China who fled to the island of Formosa from the Communist nightmare once America stopped supporting them in their fight against Mao Tse Tung.

Since then, they have been our loyal allies.

I will say our inexplicable loyal allies, since we have kicked them in the face too many times.

The first time was when America stopped supporting them in their fight against the Communists.

The second, when we had them tossed from the United Nations so we could put Communist China in their place in 1971.

The third, when we stopped recognizing them as a nation so we could get chummy with China in 1979!

Has the fourth betrayal just occurred?

The One China Policy is the recognition that China(including Taiwan) is ONE country and that the legitimate government of China sits in Beijing!

Well, seeing that Trump has ALREADY accepted the One China Policy, the this seems inevitable!

No wonder Xi was looking at the sky and smiling.

Taiwan’s goose is cooked!

Taiwan is now officially open for invasion...by China!

Please understand the acceptance of Russian sovereignty over the Ukraine and China’s One China Policy sets the stage for the invasion of the Ukraine (by Russia) and of Taiwan (by China).

Were these the “deeealllllzzzz” Trump offered up to keep Putin quiet and make China a ally against North Korea while shutting the up about the Spratleys?

And what is North Korea being offered?

Our full support for if it were to swallow Seoul?

Trump has made too many deals and he seems to be offering too many promises.

Unfortunately, in the process, Trump seems to be offering up the lives and future of millions of human beings who happen to be loyal allies of the United States, and who have FAITH in that alliance.

But it is old news that the United States is a master betrayer, and has betrayed many allies along the long, hard road of the struggle against Communism...and now Muslim fundamentalism (see below)

America: The Great Betrayer

And the betrayal of the Ukraine, Taiwan...and Syria (an ally against Isis and Al Qaeda) just confirms this.

But it makes Trump look good, though!

Just send in the Trumpster and all the smiles and handshakes begin.

This man is all about DEALLLLLZZZZ....no matter if WE are the ones who end up getting buried.

And the betrayal of the Ukraine, Taiwan and Syria are giant leaps towards our own destruction.

After all the smiling and handshaking are over, keep an eye open for what happens to Taiwan and the Ukraine. 

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  1. Really depressing to read your latest message. I cannot understand: how they could force you to remove aluminium shielding? Put it back, and after they remove it again - put it again. Track the blue van, maybe puncture its tires or install a sound recording bug if you could do it unnoticed. Get a gun if possible, maybe even let the neighbors know that you have a gun now , maybe not verbally - just by walking with gun openly near your house (if having a gun is legal in your place) - hopefully these fucked up neighbours will understand not to fuck with you anymore. Basically you should go into defensive mode, maybe with a small offense if you can do this unnoticed and unpunished. And continue posting to this blog, of course. If the things really suck: sell all your properties, get a fake ID from someone at DarkNet, and start a new life - maybe while continue posting to this blog but through Tor Browser / other anonymous utilities and continuing your anti-NWO activies. Or keep your current ID but then you should move to some based country such as Russia: good environment, GMO-free food, no NWO scum, fast Internet, could work as English teacher (English native speaker), no real punishment for software piracy and you could hack USA-based pro-NWO websites without any real punishment. Please just think about the possible opportunities and develop your strategy, like every strategist should do if he notices that a battle is not going to his advantage. Best wishes to you, keep your fight!