Friday, May 5, 2017

Sorry for Being Gone So Long

You might have noticed (perhaps) that I was gone for a very long time from my Blog, writing no article and even making no comment.

I apologize for that absence.

Just hazards of the trade, I guess, when one day you suddenly...WAKE UP BLIND.

No explanation, no warning, no indicatory causes.

The Opthamologist was equally baffled (or should I say, unconcerned) after he did all his tests and ushered me out the door.

It was here that I suddenly came to understand that there are two segments of the population - those without Health Insurance (like me) and those with.

The people WITHOUT, I found out, get to be cut into on the waiting list, and even as they sit in the doctor's office.

Mind you this is after me setting up an appointment, confirming that I will be present and actually arriving on time.

They made me wait and HOUR after arriving, as more fit and proper citizens walked into the office and cheerfully made their way right to the waiting doctor.

But back to my blindness.

For the first time I realized how important being able to see really is, and how much of our existence is based on it.

After my visit to the unconcerned doctor's office, I was driven back to my house, where (unable to work) I moped to myself, finally saw what an abandoned shit of a human being I was, finally going back to sleep in my new realization.

I wished to God, that if what I wrote had ANY value to him, any of all, he would cure my blindness, so I could continue writing the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog, and if it had no value at all to him...then just strike me down and kill me.

My blatant proposition was answered the next morning, when I woke up with limited sight.

But it wasn't normal sight.

Everything was very gray, a gray so thick that it looked like the world was enveloped in fog and the sky (which I guess was blue) was gray itself.

I had a bad feeling about this newfound eyesight.

Especially when parts of my vision were suddenly were melting away like overheated celluloid film and I could see writing (a lot of hand writing) within the gap in a yellow background.

Also, as I began driving, which I foolishly did, I kept stopping for people which I though were about to cross my path, but, when stared at directly...just weren't there.

Also, I noticed a green tinge on my skin, and other people, combined with black veins, which looked creepy enough...all a sort of distorted vision, not reality.

In addition, the figure and image of  black lightning bolts on a yellow background kept appearing, in addition to very organic looking sponge-like material which I could 'see' at the corner of my eye.

And add to this Sasquatch-like people which either existed or I simply thought I saw, shadow people (ditto) and finally (get this)...a featureless man in a bowler hat which quite shyly leaned over from behind a telephone pole, looked at me, and then leaned back into hiding.

I had never taken drugs of any sort, and never had the experience that I had been drugged, but my eyesight had a tinge of evil about it, especially the black lightning bolts and the organic material I kept having visions of as I closed my eyes.

The days passed and my vision (slowly) the point that I am writing this blog entry today.

My opinion on the incident.

It had a totally demonic tinge.

Long ago, I have learned to fear the occult and have lived in greater terror of it than of simple people with guns.

It was the stuff that I COULD see that led me to suspect the conclusion that 1) it was an attack and 2) it was a demonic.


Probably to show me what power they now had over the world - direct demonic power over you and me and all the inhabitants of this place.

Then I thought back a little and DID come to realize I was writing a little more on the occult, perhaps more than some entities would think appropriate.

Then I remembered what they were doing at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

People there are now literally opening up the gates to other dimensions, and letting things through.

All this being done in secret, is ongoing and is increasing in scale.

People talk about doors to the other dimensions, others say they are accessing the Bottomless PIt...while still others are saying they are simply opening the gates of hell.


 So was this one of the results?

Are Demons poking directly into our livee, striking us blind (and who knows what else) and transmitting images to our brains? seems to be happening.

And remember, the Internet is now been connected to CERN and is now entering your home live through Wi-Fi (if you have it) 24 hours a day.

So enjoy the ride!

(or, if you're smart, disconnect your Wi-Fi).

  I just get the feeling people will soon start having weird dreams, invisible friends and friendly familiars very soon...perhaps even angelic-looking beings wanting to offer you guidance.

Meanwhile, my sight has returned, but never to the same level it had been before, I still have very limited vision...but enough, it seems, to write this blog.

So, warning enough.

Things don't seem normal.

I also notice the sudden increase in senseless violent crime across the world as well as outright serial lying.

Oh, and lets not forget the WAR they are preparing.

And if they do, what a war it will be:

No prisoners...captives tortured to death...troops and civilians hit with nuclear weapons...biological and cybernetic viruses...and microwave weapons leaving you crippled or blind or crippled.

Please Mr. Trump, do NOT start this war, especially with the portals of Hell being open at Geneva, Switzerland.

We do not need this type of trial.



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