Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Sheeple Are Awakening!


 The sheep are starting to squeak...or bleat...or baa or whatever it is that sheep do  when they are discomfited.

Hey folks, the Sheeple are waking up!

It all started during a recent update on my work files when I complained about the "health insurance' or else policy.

You can imagine when this ditzy secretary with the IQ of a turnip blurted out:

" I think it's just people in government who want power."

Wow! How long have I waited for the average American to whisper something like that!

Then I was visiting a house I was managing when the silly housewife blurted out something about all the cameras that were appearing on the street and how uncomfortable she felt.

She was a democrat, who confessed she no longer thought the government represented the people at all and was doing pretty much what it wanted.

The Sheeple are waking up!  Finally!

Ultimately, I am seeing Black American Democrats from the ghetto turning against Obama!

And the youngsters seem to be more aware than their parents when it comes to knowledge of the Illuminati...and the police...and government corruption.

A Walgreen's clerk whispered under her breath how "something's wrong with government."

A redneck plumber said on his way out after a brief discussion "people aren't gonna take sh--t like that."

Finally some old bag with Arizona legislature connections murmured "oh, things will begin to happen alright, and soon" ( I guess her connections inside the legislature were letting her
know something I didn't).

Yep, it is getting to the point that every person on the street is now 'aware.'

As arch Illuminati planner Zbigniew Brzezinski said "for the first time in human history, humanity has "undergone a political awakening."

Well, yeah, that tends to happen when you force political decisions and political policy down people's throat to the lowest level on a daily basis.

Hurrah, the sheeple are now politically awake.

They are finally seeing the government (or pseudo government) for what it is - a dictatorial, over-empowered, self-serving tyranny at the service of corporate interests and the Illuminati.

The whole thing has become too obvious and now everyone is seeing the emperor for what he is.

Half of all the people on the street are now...AWAKE!

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