Sunday, January 22, 2012

Syria Self-Destructs

Syria is eating its own guts out.


But it seems Syria’s own intelligence services have betrayed the government of Bashar Assad by limiting police and military reaction to the mysterious ‘snipers’ and ‘outsiders’ who are carrying out all sorts of terror attacks on the hapless population of Homs…which the world media attributes to the Syrian Army.

The Syrian police and army have received orders to ‘stand down’ which is standard procedure when forces within your own government are in the process of betraying the government to ‘revolutionary forces.’

The Syrian Intelligence Services and high heads of the security forces are betraying their country to the ‘revolutionaries’ (paid thugs and murderers), just like Ghadaffi’s own enforcers betrayed their country.

Syrians are being sniped at and murdered by foreign agent provocateurs while Syrian police and security forces fail to show up and are told to stand down.

Bashar Assad is playing the role of clueless Czar Nicholas while his country burns.

Syrian armed forces are naturally tough, but under the direction of its treacherous security and intelligence agencies, their value in defending the country is now in doubt.

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