Monday, May 13, 2019

The US Border Refugee Fiasco

You might have noticed the “situation at the border” and the steadily escalating “crisis” involving “refugees” many of which are being “let into the country” and “freed” by our own ICE and Border Patrol while American volunteers (actually afraid and desperate Americans) are threatened and arrested by the FBI and even broken up for bothering to stop the flow which has been labeled a “crisis” which is at “collapse level’ by the Border Patrol itself.

The accusation of the FBI is that these volunteers (called militias) are exceeding their authority by arresting (technically a citizens arrest) these illegal border crossers and turning them into ICE.

So they are telling us the FBI has nothing better to to in this “collapsing” and “crisis” situation (the governments own words) than to spy on, follow, harass and arrest scared Americans who are trying to keep American border from collapsing?

As always, the FBI is aiding the Globalists and acting AGAINST the United States.

It seems these labeled “dangerous” Americans have broken the law by carrying out citizens arrests of illegal migrant infiltrators across our borders and turning them in to the Border Patrol!

Meanwhile the so-called President sits in his office like a stunned raped bitch, clueless as to what to do or attempt in order to stop this contrived INVASION OF THE UNITED STATES by these no-ID, no-identification, non-legitimate, lying and dishonest mystery migrants (many of them dangerous undesirables) as they just come over (in caravans!) and settle our country unmolested.

Where is the President?

Where are his advisors?

Where are his lawyers?

Why is everyone doing nothing?

Let’s discuss this.

First of all, the Refugee Asylum Caravan Crisis on our Border has been carefully put together and orchestrated in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico.

The “refugees” openly say they are responding to ads put newspapers and fliers advertising how it is easier and more convenient to just march up to the United States and claim “asylum” as a “refugee”. 

In addition, there plenty of clandestine workshops (many taught by openly, ex and crypto-communists) on how to make the crossing.

This is a well organized and funded operation!

In addition even to that, there are carefully coordinated transports moving the refugees to the border (all this marching to the border crap is just a myth – those “refuges” are getting an air conditioned rides to the border by way of trains, air conditioned buses and helpful relay of drivers who pick them up and take them down the road).

Even more in addition to that…the “family units” coming across the border are being discovered to be FAKE. Assembled groups of who-knows-what put together by the Cartels and their gofer gangs to facilitate the infiltration.

Please take note, MS-13 (Salvatrucha), Cartel and assassins (“sicarios”) have been caught coming across under false pretenses…not to mention Muslims of the suspected Terrorist persuasion.

Pretty much, the honest truth is we don’t know what is coming across…all we know is that we are being flooded by these mysterious yet well organized masses of people…who we are now letting into our country, perhaps indefinitely…without really knowing who the hell they are!

Through my Third World contacts I’ve gotten word that the “family” units are actually put together by merciless gangs which work hand-in-glove with the cartels and help “assemble” these families by using death threats to force single moms (there are plenty of them down there) slave care-take these mystery children until the kids are picked up by gang members – become part of a “family” crossing the border. To make it worse, they don’t even pay these poor death-threatened-slave-moms!

I don’t want to think where these children really came from or what becomes of them, but I can tell you the people creating and coordinating the Caravans are merciless bastards.

But the network doesn’t end there.

When they do cross the border, are apprehended and then released by the Border Patrol (called "completing the process"), they have “volunteer” do-gooders standing by to offer food, shelter, training and advocacy (to these invading mystery people until they make a “connection” with “family members” (cells?) inside the United States (and permanently disappear).

Again, where is the President and Congress and the States before this obvious crisis on our Border?

When we start looking at all the (sympathetic) media coverage, one immediately runs across the words “Refugee” and “Asylum” (which all these border crossers are carefully  trained to mutter upon being caught by the Border Patrol).

And suddenly Presto!

Rainbows come out, the Officer Smiles and the MIGRANT INVADER is welcomed like an honored guest (did you know the White House just recently prohibited HUD from giving illegal immigrants housing? – Trump draining the swamp…which is turning out to be more like a sea).

So it seems we are bound by law to accept all these unknown invaders into our country if they declare themselves “refugees seeking asylum” (which they all do declare immediately).

But let’s look into this I-am-a-refugee-seeking-asylum crisis which is OVERWHELMING America and its law enforcement offices.

It’s the Law isn’t it?


In case the reader has misunderstood, let me repeat the statement:


It seems the President himself along with his advisore is mesmerized by this misunderstanding, so let me repeat again:


To explain why, Let’s delve into this concept boggling the mind of America?

In 1951 the Refugee Convention was signed…at the United Nations…in Geneva, Switzerland.

This 1951 Refugee Convention laid out what a refugee was and the refugee’s rights before the signing nations.

It must be indicated that the United States "representative" signed only protocols to the Refugee Convenion, nothing else!

The Refugee Convention identified a refugee as person having a  “well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership, grouping or politics, is outside their country and is unwilling or afraid to return”

And it recognized the right of a person to seek asylum and under what conditions.

The time frame of this accord is important.

At the time, it was the beginning of the Cold War, where the Soviet Union (Communist Russia under Stalin) had occupied half of Europe after WW-II (and was purging it) while China had fallen to the Communists (who were purging it) and North Korea had invaded South Korea (to purge it).

There were a lot of persecuted democratically-minded people fleeing for their lives from Communist tyranny.

So it seemed like a good idea for America and the West to sign a Refugee Convention establishing the right of persecuted refugees to flee to the West, including America (and many real Soviet defectors took us up on this offer).

Now there are three parts to this United Nations Refugee Convention of 1951 that must be underlined:

First, it is a UNITED NATIONS treaty or agrement (not United States law).

Second, it was signed by a bunch of “representatives” in the name of the United States (not by Congress or the President).

Third, it left the gates open by stating that “a refugee may enjoy rights and benefits IN ADDITION to those provided for in the Convention” – in other words, the powers of the Refugee Convention could be expanded by more UN refugee conventions.

And it was.

And the 1984 Cartagena Convention which followed increasing the rights of refugees even more.

Please note that by the time of the 1984 Cartagena Convention, the Stalinist Purge of Eastern Europe of the 1950’s, the Communist purge of Southeast Asia of the 1975 and the Communist Chinese Cultural Revolution purge of 1966-76…caused there to be no more Cold War Refugees who were not either dead or silenced.

So there were no more Cold War refugees trying to escape for their lives by 1970.

But the Cartagena Convenion was signed, again by envoys representing the  United States (but NOT by Congress or the President) as a way of keeping the door open for any future defectors fleeing Communist countries.

What  President Trump should be doing is gathering up all these present Hispanic “refugees” seeking Asylum and flying them all back to the country they say they are from the same day they are caught.

Please Mass Media, shove all the bleeding heart sentimentality about these refugees up your ass.

These people need to be deported out of here now and in real time.

America has more than 300 military bases throughout the world, and all these bases are supplied by air – that is, by transport aircraft.

So please don’t tell me the US cannot ready a few aircraft with their engines hot ready to take these people home AS SOON AS THEY CROSS THE BORDER!

Countries won’t take them back of let the planes land?

Have some freight ships ready to ship these people back by sea and land them in their native country.

The worse part is that we don’t even  know  who these people are.

Most of them don’t carry any form of ID and we are simply trusting them on who they say they are.

Salvatrucha MS-13 have already been caught crossing the border as “refugees”

These El Salvadoran gangs (who originated from migrants to L.A.) have an initiation where gang members have to hack a live victim to pieces with machetes.

So you don’t want some of these “refugees” living next door to you.

In addition, Muslims have also been caught crossing the border as refugees.

Muslim prayer mats are retrieved form the border by Border Patrol all the time.

Iranians have also been caught masquerading as refugees.

Unidentified Chinese are also crossing!

Cartel members are also crossing!

Some obviously special refugees are receiving special escort across the border by heavily armed guards who transport them in military style jeeps.

Anyone who believes that unidentified Chinese, Iranians, Muslims, Cubans (communists) Nicaraguans (Communistst) and Venezuelans (Communists) crossing the border is a good idea, please have your head examined.

One has to be completely STUPID to not perceive the United States is being infiltrated at an alarming rate by people who are obviously dangerous and a national security threat.

One day these installed enemy assets are going to rise up and strike, and then all hell is going to break loose.

If you can imagine dead cops, sabotaged power grids, an interrupted Internet, a sabotaged phone grid, a poisoned water supply, bombs, assassinations, kidnappings, electrical black outs, viruses contaminating our computer networks, refineries exploding, chemical plants exploding, massive forest fires (caused through arson), downed passenger jets, children being targeted.

Our stupid clueless government is liable to do nothing but..."seize all the guns!"    

Why, the US is about to start a war with Iran because Israel has ORDERED it to do so...and have Iran activate its terrorist sabotage network already here in America.

Doesn’t our government know Iran already has terrorist cells already implanted throughout the United States, with some now masquerading as Mexicans and Central Americans?

What about all the White, blond Russians I’ve been seeing lately classifying themselves as Mexicans yet unable to speak Spanish?

What makes me laugh are the obvious Koreans classifying themselves as anything-but-Korean Asians. 

Is 'North Korean' the correct classification?

The truth is America is in deep shit and about to be taken down, and all we are doing is taking the side of the invaders, like California, who has established itself as a pink leftist dictatorship which sponsors “Sancturary” cities and a separation from the United States while having secret deal with Communist China.

Is there nothing the Orange-haired bumpkin President (who is a registered member of the Screen Actors Guild) will do to save America?

I mean, we are in a middle of a “War on Terror” but we now leave our border as open, free and wide as a San Francisco Glory Hole. Some national security.

What happened, Trump? Too busy bowing down to the Jews and their representative Adelson while being spied upon and advised by your own personal advisor - Mossad spy Jared Kushner?

Nice acting though.

You ACT well like someone who gives a shit about America.

In closing I would just like want to state one more time that there IS NO LAW MANDATING THE US TO ACCEPT “REFUGEES” REQUESTING ASYLUM.

That is just a rumor insinuated by the establishment Media (and apparently followed by a misinformed and ill-advised President)

Instead, what we have are a series of United Nations agreements made by the “representatives” of OTHER countries in Africa and Latin America, which the United States (other Presidents) has only “endorsed.”


So why is Trump following the mandates of non-elected, appointend District Judges (appointed by Liberal Democrat ex-Presidents) when it comes to his PROHIBITING the entry of Refugees and Muslims.

Why isn’t he simply INGNORING THEM and leaving it up to the Supreme Court to decide?

This non-legal, non-binding, “responsibility” to tend for any Central and South American  “refugee” seeking “Asylum” has gone far enough.

Especially hurtful, along with Trump’s pusillanimity is the fact that the “Caravans” being assembled like at a Ford assembly line and making their way to the United States border is an artificial scam put together at their country of origin – Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador…by the Communists, George Soros and the Drug Cartels.

The impoverished populations of these countries are regularly fed propaganda by newspapers and radio on the fact that the United States will admit them as “refugees” and all they have to say is “I am a refugee and I request asylum” and the US will let them in!
(which, unfortunately, is True)

Furthermore, there is an entire transportation system created to TRANSPORT these people from their country of origin to the US border involving air conditioned buses, trains, and “volunteer” truck drivers.

That’s right, they aren’t walking to the border as we are led to believe through the lying media, they are being TRANSPORTED there.

This is how they are able to bring all those Children with them.

And speaking of Children, the network is well organized.

Single mothers (which Central America has in abundance) are being recruited and FORCED to care for mysterious children by the local gangs (especially the MS-13 Salvatruchas) until the gang members return and pick one day and walk away with child.
These single mom’s are forced under pain of death to care for the children without losing or abandoning them. In truth they are given to members of the ‘Caravans’ to create instant families with which the men can cross the border masquerading as fathers (the children don’t belong to the them…in fact, many of them are later found abandoned in cities and towns  along the long route to the border).

These are the “families” which pull at our heart strings in media reports. In truth, many ‘families’ have been found to be false put-together contraptions – this is the reason the US government is beginning DNA tests on refugees.

Before continuing, let me pronounce a CURSE on these people who are victimizing these poor children.

[Christ has pronounced a curse against anyone who touches these “little ones” to the extent that it would be better to be thrown into the sea with a mill stone tied around the neck” and I say, with full respect, may GOD DAMN you to the Lake of Fire for what you did, and I further say this: one day you will be on your death bed…and you are going to be AFRAID of what waits for you on the other side.

Why do the children always have to be the ones who are victimized?

You rotten, stinking devils!]

So as we our government sits there with a thumb up their ass, our border is becoming a national security holocaust for which (given the number of bad actors being let through) the American people still have to pay the price of letting all these unknowns through.

What Trump needs to do is use American air transport power to fly all these people out of here as soon as they cross the border, re-establish a local application process by which they can apply for immigration back in their own countries and enforce E-Verify here in the US while denying illegals welfare, including medical care, housing and schooling.

Has the President even spoken about doing any of these things?

As to the silly wall, one illegal has made a curious comment:

“What does it  take to get through a fifty-foot wall?" 

"How about a 51 foot ladder?”

The Caravan Refugee Crisis is out of control, and the President as well as Congress need to wake up and use their legally mandated power to stop it...or suffer the consequences at the polls once the shit hits the fan.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

The Flag of the New World Order

As you might already noticed, the New World Order is on its way.

As any ‘world order’, I am sure this one is going to need a flag to represent it.

Why not a flag to represent the world's new up and resurgent populations?

You might have noticed the White Race is no longer in the running, and headed for extinction…while OTHER more “dynamic” races are going to the fore.

Let's take a look at who they are:

With the US having surrendered our industry and our industrial base (literally packing up our hardware and moving it up to this slaver nation) and then allowing this Communist State it to take over our markets as well as that of the world, while we permitted (and still permit it) to rob us blind of our technology. We, yes we, have made China into a super state and perhaps the world’s new dominant economic power. Not only that, but we continued to give it favored nations status here and in Europe, and helping it keep it's #1 status in the world with our complete support.

Not only that, but with Israeli and Russian help in robbing our technologies…and deploying it against us, the Chinese have it made.

Presently China is ready to take us on in  a war (which we think we can win).

But don’t worry, more Chinese are already on the way through the United Nations, Interpol and International executives…perhaps as  our new economic oligarchy (like they have done in the UK and France).

The new wave of Muslim immigrations seems unstoppable. It’s as if Allah himself has proclaimed his followers the new inheritors of the Earth. Just as any educated Muslim who you can trust to tell you the truth and he’ll tell you.

All the  leaders of the First World Nations of the world are rolling out the red carpet of welcome and FORCING their native populations to accept this new stone-age invaders into their contries (just look at the North African Muslims). Suddenly the new cry has gone out “it’s because I’m Muslim” as the new get-out-of-jail-card (remember the good ol' days when it used to be “it’s because I’m black”?)

Look around you. The Muslims are being established as a new dominant population.

And just what is it that’s empowering this strategic population move?

Is the limitless industrial wealth of the Middle East?

Is it the well run Middle Eastern Economies?

Is it the well organized governments?

Is it their intellectuality?

No, of course not.

Which makes it an even bigger miracle!

The truth is that the World Bank has opened its coffers and limitless wealth to these people by way of Saudi Arabia and the international Muslim oligarchy  which, with this blessing now has all the money it needs, while the nations of the world (through Freemasonry, Communism and Crypto-Judaism) have opened their gates.

Our presidents regularly BOW DOWN to the new Saudi Royals as if they were the new kings of the world while Islam grows ever more powerful.

Need I say more to prove the Muslims are part of the dominant new world order population?

Never has such a large ignorant mass been empowered so much as have the impoverished Caravans from Central America who are  now given air-conditioned bus rides from their native countries all the way up to the border…and from the border to the innards of the Untited States. 

Under the sacred cry of “Asylum!” thes masses of intruders are now being  let in by the thousands and given all the benefits of the “welfare state” America considers itself to be.

Each day in American there are more and more Spanish names, even amongst White, blonde, blue-eyed people.

How long before Latin-looking people become the new rage in American society (like Asians are now)?

In the streets I see Latins working, earning and spending their money, while Americans are hiding at Walmart…or living with mom and dad.

Mexican Cartels are establishing themselves on our land both illegally and legally and brining in their followers.

In my own neighborhood blond Americans have been KILLED by these expert STABBERS just before they then take off for  Mexico – only to return the next month under a new name.

President Trump seems to be unable to stop the Caravans and their endless cargo of who-knows-what, which are being transported across our borders and let into our country.

Since I have just covered the new upcoming populations which will make up the New World Order.

Why not construct a worthy New World Order flag to represent them:

Yes - A YELLOW (China) GREEN (Islam) and BROWN (Hispanic) flag to represent the new dominant third world populations which will make up the New World Order.

And you thought you knew what the New World Order was going to look like!

The colors of the new world Order and Yellow, Green and Brown for the Chinese, Muslims and Latins which will now make up the new  and favored populations of the World.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Venezuela: Another Bay of Pigs Invasion?

Looming on the horizon is the Venezuela situation.

What is going to happen there?

Trump has seemingly put a call out for mercenaries.

A covert American group of ships seems to be assembling off the Venezuelan coast.

Marines have landed in Columbia.

The Mercenary company originally called Blackwater has stated they will return.

Blatant yet mysterious  threats have been called out against Venezuela, its military and Maduro himself by Trump, Secretary of State Pompeo and the American Government in general.

More significantly, China…and now Russia have rushed to put in their two cents: threats against the United States should it attempt anything against Venezuela.

So what we have here is fine and unsettling mixture of factors which are coming together to produce something that is going to become one huge fiasco for the United States.

For a while now my instincts have been reacting against the way America is proceeding: quietly, covertly, threatening, concealed, stealthily, bombastic and…hesitant.

I feel uncomfortable now not because ‘war’ seems to be coming to Venezuela…but because the United States seems to be drawing itself into another situation…in which it will (again) sacrifice its prestige and reputation.

To be honest, I don’t like the way Trump and the United States is behaving towards Venezuela, and am getting the eerie feeling we have been here before are again being drawn into a trap again…not a masterful trap, mind you, but a trap created by the ourselves - a self-made covert attempt at Venezuela…which will end with the United States with egg all over its face…again.

It is a feeling that we have been through all this before – a covert attempt to strike at a nation, which ended in embarrassment.

Do you remember something called the Bay of Pigs in1961?

I am starting to get the weird feeling that we are about to attempt another Bay of Pigs on Venezuela…and (like the original) it will not end well.

Included in the cast of likely suspects is the CIA (which I call the Communist Infiltration Agency) – a treacherous pro-Communist organization which works consistently in assisting and influencing American operations so that they end in American defeat and Communist victories.

The Assassination of General Patton, the Fall of China to Communism, the failure of the first American offensive in Korea, the abortive Hungarian uprising, the capture of the USS Pueblo, the sinking of the USS Liberty, the surprise Tet Offensive and the Vietnam War in general, the fall of Cuba to Castro, the fall of Nicaragua’s Somoza to the Sandinistas, the drug plague wich afflicts America can all be attributed to either directly or indirectly CIA influence or the effect of listening to CIA “intelligence reports” by the American executive.

You see, the Bay of Pigs was a FAILURE and an embarrassment.

Under Kennedy, the CIA was given permission to put together one of its dream plans which would result in an American victory without war, without involvement and without casualties (sort of like what the CIA promised Johnson in Vietnam).

As it came out, the Bay of Pigs was a FIASCO.

At present, Trump seems to be in close touch with the same nose picking nerds who brought us the Bay of Pigs – the CIA.

At Bay of Pigs, the plan the CIA sold to Kennedy was to land a battalion (1500 men) of Cuban anti-Castro exiles supported by eight WW-II bombers, and 5 supply ships. These men would land in Cuba,  walk up to the Cuban towns and start an uprising against Castro!

As all things CIA, the Communists got plenty of advanced warning of the coming ‘invasion’ and Castro heroically “mobilized the people” to meet this “imperialist threat.”

Within hours the Cuban exiles where trapped on the landings like a beached whale and became totally surrounded by Communists.

Kennedy, under even more CIA “advisement” refused to send in the US Navy and Air Force to support the Cuban exiles.

In three days it was all over – the exile invaders killed, captured or imprisoned, the US with egg all over its face.

And Castro who had established a collapsing Communist dictatorship in Cuba, had been given a shot in the arm of hubris, pride and patriotism as the Cubans valiantly fought off the imperialist invaders.

The “invasion” had in fact given Castro the important propaganda victory he needed to prop up his regime.

But it still didn’t end there.

Later the US propped up Castro’s regime even more after it gave Cuba free aide in the form of foodstuffs and supplies…in exchange for the captured Cuban exiles which were being held as hostages.

Kennedy was furious. Seeing the CIA for the useless and treacherous organization which it was, he swore to break it up “into a million pieces.” He also began to Vietnamizing Vietnam and withdrawing US military advisors from there as well as putting a stop to Israel’s rapidly advancing nuclear capability…but alas, all of that came to an end after Kennedy’s assassination in 1963.

Presently, the maneuvers in Venezuela are reminding me of Bay of Pigs all over again, complete with the re-insertion of the CIA.

Hey! The unwar war is back in fashion. Nonviolent violence and the non-involved involvement, and the CIA seems to be again in the captain’s chair under a new chump…er President…going along with them.

Just look at the coincidences!

Venezuela is now under an existential threat, with the dictator, Nicholas Maduro is unable to feed his people under a failing Communist dictatorship.

A suspicious “US Fleet” has begun making its presence knowm off the coast of Venezuela.

Weirdly, China and Russia have staked their existence on standing up for Venezuela and threatening the US should it move against that country (literally threatening to start WW-III over a banana republic).

The US has symbolically landed 5000 marines in Columbia.

And the Communists hacks have started their propaganda operations.

A Communist YouTuber masquerading as a patriot called Florida Maquis has begun crowing over how the Venezuelans are willing to fight to the death for their re-elected leader, Nicolas Maduro and that Venezuela will be America’s next Vietnam.

Members of the Venzuelan armed forces are filmed swearing allegiance to Maduro and the nation and promising to fight to the death…and this Communist propaganda is beamed across the American mass media!

Communists criers are pushing their prewar propaganda across the social media spectrum:
         “US special forces are laughing at Trump”
         “Venezuelans are brave”
         “Venezuelans will fight to the death”
         “Venezuelans will never surrender”
         “Venezuela will be a new Vietnam for America”

My question is just what are all these Venezuelans willing to die for? The right to continued deprivation and starvation?
And (this is key) Trump seems to be putting out a call worldwide for Mercenaries to gather (for Venezuela?) and buddying up with his old client (and CIA front) Blackwater( now under a new name) mercenary comapany.

Accompanying all this circus are threats by Trump and company against Venezuela, key amongst them, Trump’s Secretary of State (and CIA asset Mike Pompeo – an ex director of the CIA, whose close friend, Brian Bulatao he named as Chief Operating Officer of the CIA and later as his Under Secretary of State.

Incidentally, both Pompeo and Bulatao both worked (like Mitt Romney) for Bain Capital – a Mossad infiltrated organization at the service of Israel.

So the Venezuela situation has as many buzzards circling it as a freshly dead corpse does in the desert.

And it is starting to stink.

Trump’s Secretary of State is just one of a plethora of CIA agents presently infiltrating the Trump administration. And, in typical CIA fashion, he is a longtime CIA agent masquerading as a newcomer, and he has been put in key positions to cover up for CIA operations at the:
House Permanent Committee on Intelligence
House Intelligence Subcommittee on the CIA
House Select Committee on Benghazi
CIA Director

Indeed the CIA always puts its long-term crypto-agents in key positions in government (see George Herbert Walker Bush) to oversee its own cover ups. Pompeo is CIA and he has promoted fellow CIA agent Brian Bulatao within the American government.

Needless to say, the US Government and the upcoming Venezuelan operation is rancid with CIA.

And on the American side there seem to be too many threats and big talk and not enough action.

Trump seems to be looking for a quick and easy win without all the problems of military action. Trump likes to ‘win’ (whatever that means). He sought to ‘win’ over North Korean dictator Kim Yong Un…until Pompeo and the CIA surprised him with last minute ‘demands…which Kim declined. After which the CIA ‘advised’ Trump to play the tough guy and ‘walk away.’

Hey, great going CIA, you fuck up the President’s diplomacy, then tell him to walk away after your have finished. The only miracle here is that Trump has not fired Pompeo and told the CIA to go to hell.

And let’s not forget Trump’s new cabinet of warmongers:

National Security Advisor John “bombing” Bolton and Director of Central Intelligence Gina “torture queen” Haspel and others.

All this war-oriented advise is likely to have an influencing effect on Trump to  “go for the win” under the guidance of both crypto and actual CIA advisors which surround him. All Trump really has to do is invite Columbia and Brazil to invade Venezuela. They are more than willing to do so in return for Venezuela's oil and the Venezuelans people will probably greet the invaders with open arms. But no, in comes the CIA with their over-complicated plans.

The Border Wall and Kim Jong Un have been two consecutive defeats for Trump, now his CIA appointed cheerleaders are making the sun come out by suggesting Trump can again come out a winner by ousting Maduro without war and without complications by launching a Bay of Pigs type operation on Venezuela.

If you look at all the symptoms of a possible upcoming Venezuela operation, it all starts to seem like a Bay of Pigs all over again:

Too many threats and too much bravado and covertness coming from the US…without accompanying proof of true military operations (outside a symbolic Marine landing in Columbia).

Not enough proxy military mobilization by our allies on Venezuela’s border: Columbia and Brazil.

Over the top Joint Russo-Chinese threats against America if it does anything in Venezuela.

A mysterious phantom fleet lurking in the Caribbean off Venezuela.

A US President trying to look like a “winner” make up for some foreign policy blunders.

The CIA surrounding and advising the President.

A freshly communized Caribbean nation needing a boost in prestige and nationalism to keep its hold on power waiting for what comes (Maduro has virtually surrendered his position as President).

A lot of big talk and threats coming from the American President and his officials of state against Venezuela.

Yup, its starting to smell like pigs again.

Few realize that what Venezuela actually NEEDS is an imperialist attack...which is easily defeated…and surges the prestige of his failing Communist state.

Anyone who gives that a slim chance of happening has not studied the history of Communism and how it is CONSISTENTLY wins while aided by the West.

Russia fell to Communism after European and American governments failed to supply the troubled Nationalist Russian government with guns, ammunition and money.

China fell to Communism after the US under Truman, cut off the Chinese nationalists from arms and ammunition.

Cuba fell to the Communists after Eisenhower blockaded the island’s nationalist pro-US government (!) and kept anyone from re-supplying Cuba with the arms and ammunition needed to destroy Castro and his well-supplied Communist mercenaries.

South Vietnam fell to the Communists after the US stopped all sales of arms and ammunition to South Vietnam during the Communist offensive.

A disarmed Nicaragua fell to Communism after the US government (under Carter) enforced a blockade against the pro-US nationalist government of Anastasio Somoza (!).

Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador came under Communists control with CIA backed leftists who proceeded to smoothly and peacefully take over those countries (Chavez ‘s Venezuela in 2002 was just one example).

Mexico now has Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) - a communist -  in charge with help from the CIA and its affiliated drug cartels.

Communists are now filling the ranks of the Democratic party in expectation of the 2020 presidential elections…and America’s youth has been recently brainwashed into believing “socialism” is a good thing.

So you see, Communism is always the real WINNER.

And it has been consistently helped and aided by spy agencies like the CIA, and the Mossad…not to mention Western governments themselves.

Where I’m coming from when I predict a possible ‘victory’ by the government Nicolas Maduro and a renewed socialist  resurgence by the Communist government of Venezuela is more CIA help for Maduro.

A failed American ‘attack’ sponsored by the CIA would do wonders to help get the Maduro government back on its feet.

Russia and China have played their part in making Trump choose an alternate solution to invasion sponsored by the CIA (and they are full of 'solutions') when they threatened America with “consequences” should the US invade Venezuela.

Trump (ego in hand) is looking for an easy win to bolster his reputation.

Why an alternative non-attack attack, an un-war war, or a non-military tactical operation or a non-violent takeover could be exactly what the CIA is whispering in Trump’s willing ear.

Trump is readying the ground for an attack without actually wanting to attack or risk the repercussions of an attack.

The CIA is full of these tactical pipe dreams.

Did you hear about the CIA-directed non-war in Vietnam, where we would stop the Communists by fighting with a bunch of rules, borders, no-go zones and restrictions?

In reality, another Bay of Pigs style opertation is exactly what Venezuela needs to bolster its failing regime…

…and exactly what America needs to tarnish and embarrass its own reputation (probably in preparation for more Communist ‘victories’).

And the time seems to be getting close, with the massive (artificially invoked) power grid failure in Venezuela and the removal of all US embassy personnel from that country (historically an indication of upcoming war).

Meanwhile, the American public is clueless. Wrapped up in the Hollywood rumors of the moment, like the Ivy League College pay-to-play entrance exams or the love lives of Hollywood stars…

…a Venezuealan cluster fuck fiasco will definintely hit America with shock and awe.

Meanwhile, it could be the beginning of the end of Trump.

Trump is not likely to politically survive a CIA-planned and executed failed takeover of Communist Venezuela.

Both he and America will end up looking like complete complete shit in front of the world.

Oh well, one more presidential fool going down for listening to the CIA.

What the “operation” will look like taxes the imagination (who knows what those CIA fools will dream up), but it is likely to include action by Venezuelan malcontents, traitors, spies and treacherous generals, combined with some military action by imported mercenaries of all nationalities, (including perhaps Americans). Throw in a privately created CIA phantom air force team for some fireworks and wallah – you got yourself a non-invasion invasion and a trouble-free unwar -  You know - nothing the armed forces of Maduro can’t overcome.

Anyway, I can’t shake the feeling that the Idea guys at the CIA are again playing with the unfounded trust of one more president who is again, guided by the advice of his CIA planted advisors…to launch another ‘slam dunk’ operation like Bay of Pigs. An Unwar, Uninvolved, scheme, which can’t fail, and promises to deliver the political goods without all the hassle and complications of war.

What is likely to result is the embarrassment and degradation of the United States, as its standing goes down one more notch before the world by means of another Bay of Pigs type operation – again planned and executed by the CIA.

Trump is already looking like a mind-controlled stooge by looking to withdraw US forces from South Korea, alienating our NATO allies, installing mind-control 5G and 6G (!) across the nation, refusing to prosecute Hillary Clinton, obsessing about a wall and finally signing a self-destructive budget (which incapacitates ICE) INSTEAD of making E-Verify national (thus ending the hiring of illegal immigrants),while pushing Real ID and biometric tracking system on Americans and claiming Putin, Xing and Kim Jong Un are his ‘friends.’

Hopefully, the only positive thing which could emerge from another Bay of Pigs style operation would be for Trump to realize the CIA cannot be trusted, and leave it OUT of our next upcoming war with Russia and China.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

They Are Feeding & Sustaining Morgellons

By now most people have heard of the phenomenon called Morgellons.

Apparently EVERYBODY has it…and the only reason we have noticed the ‘symptoms’ on certain individuals is because the bodies of these individuals seem to have an exaggerated (perhaps healthy) reaction to Morgellons Fibers.

The rest of us?

Well, the human body’s immune system has been under attack for quite some time, meaning that perhaps our immune system has been incapacitated to such an extent, that Morgellons Fibers are now growing happily, undisturbed and unnoticed inside most people on the planet today.

The Fibers themselves are strange…strangest thing so far is the fact that the Governments of the world REFUSE to even recognize this phenomenon as actually happening (more indication of a secret world government in action).

But continuing on with the strangeness, is the way these Fibers seem to grow out of lesions outside and under the skin itself.

More strange is the composition of these Fibers, which, surprisingly, is non-organic to a large extent, consisting to a major extent of Chromium,Titanium, Aluminum, Strontium, Barium and other metals

The Morgellons “nanoparticles” from where the condition is thought to sprout is present in chemtrails, rain, water, food, plants and even VACCINES.

We are being blanketed with this thing, like bugs are blanketed with poison.

With the ongoing “mass poisoning” of humanity its becoming clearer and clearer that something beyond local or international government is going on here.

Coroners, morticians and surgeons who are opening up subjects full of these fibers, yet their testimony, if any, is being totally suppressed.

Yet the pictures and the testimony from people afflicted with this condition IS out there.

The condition is BOUND to be exposed and its existence accepted.

Once can’t carry out an operation this large without a lot of people noticing.

Yes, the establishment controls the Internet and the media…but even then it is not enough…the truth is destined to come out big time sooner or later…and it is.

The existence of Morgellons is becoming more  and more obvious.

It is not a natural occurrence.

It is, instead, an artificial self-replicating ‘thing’ which grows in fibers inside the human body and is ‘transmitted’ through ingestion by way of either vaccine, inhalation or contamination with these ever-present nano-particles.

Unfortunately, the cover-up is already beginning.

Morgellons is to be ‘explained’ away as a naturally-occurring fungus.

A fungus?


A fungus which grows in fibers?

Of course, they are going to have to finally ‘admit’ that Morgellons is some sort of benign fungus or perhaps even some beneficial fungus which grows in humans. Honestly, it would not surprise me if they say Morellons is actually  beneficial.

Fibers that are made out of titanium, strontium, aluminum, barium…encased in a silicone sheathing…

…which is resistant to heat and flame?

Again, I guess they expect humanity to believe just about anything.

Meanwhile the Human Race is being wired like cyborgs.

But in the present there are several important things we just can’t glance over anymore:

1)    Morgellons is an artificial phenomenon

2)    Morgellons is being purposefully ignored by the Media

3)    Morgellons consists of Nanoparticles and Nanotechnology

4)     Morgellons is self-replicating – meaning it contains  nano-factories which makes it ‘grow’ inside the victim

5)    to grow, Morgellons must make use of ‘raw materials’ which are NOT naturally present in the human body

6)    raw materials of which Morgellons is made of: Titanium, aluminum, strontium, barium and silicone (plastic) ARE BEING INTRODUCED TO THE HUMAN BODY TO SUPPLY THE RAW MATERIALS MORGELLONS NEEDS TO GROW

That’s right.

The titanium, aluminum, strontium, barium and silicone Morgellons needs to manufacture itself are now PRESENT in the human body…and is being placed there through our food.

Our food?

Well, yes.

In case you haven’t noticed our food…and now our bodies are polluted with all this gunk by way of the processed food (and water) that we consume.

And simply put, Morgellons (which manufactures itself using elements already present in its environement) makes use of the raw materials being placed inside our bodies for ITS convenience.

A cursory look at our culinary environment makes it clear where it’s coming from.

CHROMIUM (which is carcinogenic) is in our water.
TITANIUM is in our bread (by way of Titanium Dioxide)
ALUMINUM is in our cooking utensils, soda containers, antacids and deodorants.
STRONTIUMis inside our processed foods.
BARIUM is inside various skin creams containing nano particles.
PLASTIC in our food is particularly curious. There are plastic nanoparticles in our water (the media blames it on accidental plastic pollution).  There is plastic in our bread (you might have heard of yoga mat plastic inside Subway bread) including supermarket sliced bread labeled as ‘all natural’, French fries contain plastic. There is plastic in cheese, including all that cheap cheese used in our pizzas. In fact, the story of plastic in our pizzas is quite curious.
One corporation, Leprino Foods, makes 80% of the cheese in our pizzas, including all the cheese used by Little Caesar’s, Pizza Hut, Dominos…and Papa John’s. The sad part is this cheese from Leprino Foods is ‘preserved’ by mixing silicone (plastic) in with the cheese. When I discovered Pizza Hut was putting silicone in its pizza I boycotted. But the story was much larger than that –they all are!
     In fact the Papa Johns story indicates just how far the establishment goes in enforcing its will on the food industry. John Schnatter (founder of Papa Johns) stood up to Leprino Foods after discovering its cheese contained silicone (plastic), having the mantra of ‘better ingredients, better pizza’ and all, Schnatter decided to buy more wholesome cheese from someone else.
This was where John Scnatter’s problems began. You see, he soom discovered one doesn’t really own one’s own company after making their company ‘go public’ (issue stock) (the same happened to Stan Lee of Marvel Comics).
The Board of Papa John (representative of the stock holders) voted to remove John Schnatter as CEO (chief executive officer) of Papa John’s supposedly because he criticized the NFL for not doing anything about the ‘kneeling’ players during the national anthem. Schnatter then continued opposing Leprino’s silicone-infested cheese as Chairman of the Board of Papa John’s. But the APB was already out on Schnatter.
     During an impromptu cyber board meeting Schnatter committed the indiscretion of saying that Colonel Sanders’ popularity was not affected desite his use of the ‘n’ word. That was it. The board then voted to remove Schnatter as Chairman of the Board and Schnatter (and his opposition to silicone cheese) was out.
     I detailed the preceding example to illustrate just how far the establishment will go to flatten anyone who puts up any opposition to corporate policy…like John Schnatter’s opposition to silicone cheese.
    So now you know why all this raw material for Morgellons is in your food. It’s there because they WANT it there.

And when it comes to silicone (plastic) in your food. Did you know scientists have started measuring how much PLASTIC is excreted in human waste?

How is all this consumed plastic affecting our health?

Well, I don’t know. You might have heard about the record amount of people suffering from clogged arteries and high blood pressure. Is it the plastic? Well, It really doesn’t matter as long as Morgellons gets the raw material for its sheathing.

Starting to see how things really work?

My advice on avoiding all the Morgellons raw material placed in your food is to simply not buy corporate processed food.

Eat organic and make your food from scratch as much as possible.

My advice on avoiding Morgellons is first of all to understand that Morgellons is not organic, but a technological hardware. It is a self-replicating phenomenon put inside our bodies and covered up by the world media on behalf of parasitic entities (which our corporations have come more and more to resemble) for reasons that have not yet been made clear.

Morgellons (or at least its replicating process) is fed by electricity, static electricity, microwaves and electromagnetic fields – so try to stay away from the sources of these. 5G and upcoming 6G microwave infused environments will be IDEAL Morgellon environments…so, isolate your living space from these ubiquitous microwaves. In fact, it is supposed by some that 5G is being introduced fully or in part in the interest of POWERING or EMPOWERING Morgellons itself.

Some more things to say away from which either create or feed Morgellons: LED lights, electronics, Chemtrails, Rain, Junk Food, Processed Food, Carpeting, WiFi, Forested Areas, Artificial Deodorants, Fluoridated Toothpaste, Vaccines, Dust, Dirt,  long term Electronics exposure.

I am sorry, we have been dealt a bad set of cards.

I am sorry I have dealved into subject matter so few other websites cover.
      But we are going to have to pull ourselves up by the boot straps on this one.

      Don’t think I am not aware of what I have stated on this blog entry.

      And in case you haven’t noticed: Morgellons does NOT seem to be of terrestrial origin, makes use of technologies scientists have only speculated upon in the past and (like many other ‘new’ technologies) has no R&D (research and development) behind it.

      In other words, Morgellons its feeding is the SMOKING GUN behind the concept of Alien interference in the affairs of mankind…and I am not the only one saying it…look it up. The ‘Aliens’ are here, and they have apparently brought Morgellons as our first free gift.